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28+ Microsoft PowerPoint Templates

Microsoft’s PowerPoint program is one of those indispensible tools that one just needs to know how to work with. From school and college students to working professionals, all of them have to work with PowerPoint at one point of time or another. Generally, MS Office programs are very easy to work with and user-friendly. Template is a basic skeleton structure, with a set theme that fits a particular subject matter. There are various Microsoft Templates and MS PowerPoint templates of different themes available for PowerPoint. The user can just pick a template that best suits their purpose and simply enter the relevant data.

Microsoft Business PowerPoint Template

Presentations related to business, such as proposals, product descriptions, financial reports, etc., need to be neat, crisp and professional. If the user is uncertain about how to go about creating such presentations, they can certainly choose a MS Business PowerPoint template to help them. Such templates usually come in clean, sharp designs and bold graphics.

Business Team PowerPoint Template

business team powerpoint template

Business Scene PowerPoint Template

business scene powerpoint template

Microsoft Corporate PowerPoint Template

Working professionals are often called upon to make several presentations. It can be tedious to try to churn out new formats and designs, trying to figure which design is appropriate. Many users chose to just browse for a MS Corporate PowerPoint template to get professional looking presentations without too much time or effort.

Corporate Headquarters Powerpoint Template

corporate headquarters powerpoint template

Corporate Finance PowerPoint Template

corporate finance powerpoint template

Microsoft Christmas PowerPoint Template

If a user wants to have a holyday theme to their presentation, they can easily find templates for that online. The MS Christmas PowerPoint template is very popular and is available in a variety of designs with the generic Christmas theme and colours. The user just needs to find the one that fits their purpose and enter the relevant data.

Free Christmas PowerPoint Template

free christmas powerpoint template

Christmas Baking PowerPoint Template

christmas baking powerpoint template

Microsoft Chalkboard PowerPoint Template

A fun, interesting way to give presentations, especially in schools and to children is by having a chalkboard like design on slides. The design can also be used in a professional presentation to add a rustic edge. MS Chalkboard PowerPoint template comes in a variety of designs and can be versatile.

Free Chalkboard Customer Lifecycle PowerPoint Template

free chalkboard customer lifecycle powerpoint template

Free Chalkboard PowerPoint Template

free chalkboard powerpoint template

Microsoft Education PowerPoint Template

When a topic is reinforced with graphs and pictures, it stands more prominently in the mind. MS Education PowerPoint template is made with that purpose in mind. This template comes in different designs and the user can pick something that is relevant to the subject of the presentation to make it interesting and absorbing.

Educational PowerPoint Template for Teacher

educational powerpoint template for teacher

Educational Pencil Background for PowerPoint

educational pencil background for powerpoint

Microsoft Family Tree PowerPoint Template

A family tree can be a great way to organize data. In PowerPoint, it can have a variety of uses. A user can utilize it to organize the date of a company’s history, for example, showing all its subsidiaries. The MS Family Tree PowerPoint template can prove useful in a variety of ways.

Family Tree Chart PowerPoint Template Online

family tree chart powerpoint template online

Blank Family Tree PowerPoint Template

blank family tree powerpoint template

Microsoft Jeopardy PowerPoint Template

Teachers and parents are always looking for ways to make education fun and interesting for students. MS Jeopardy PowerPoint template allows the user to do just that. Users can put quizzes on various subjects on the slides and play the game of Jeopardy with the help of PowerPoint. The template is available online in the Office website.

Microsoft Jeopardy PowerPoint Template

microsoft jeopardy powerpoint template sample

Jeopardy Template PowerPoint Download

jeopardy template powerpoint download

Microsoft Metro Style PowerPoint Template

The new Windows operating systems have a Metro Style user interface which is sleek and modern-looking. The users have wanted to replicate that design in their presentation for a while. The MS Metro Style PowerPoint template is the answer to that demand. The design and colour scheme similar to the Metro Style UI and looks impressive in presentations.

Windows 8 Metro Interface PowerPoint Template

windows 8 metro interface powerpoint template

Microsoft PowerPoint Mind Map Template

One of the best ways to organize scattered information is to create a map of sorts, organizing thoughts through graphics. The MS PowerPoint Mind Map template allows the user to create a clear, precise map of the data and present in a manner that everyone can understand easily and appreciate.

Free Mind Map PowerPoint Template

free mind map powerpoint template

Creative Mind Map Template for PowerPoint

creative mind map template for powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint Newspaper Template

Handing out memos, sharing important family news or making fun projects for kids through slides that look like newspapers is a new, interesting concept. The user just needs to download the MS PowerPoint Newspaper template and enter the data they wish to share. Templates of this design are available online.

Editable PowerPoint Newspaper Template Free

editable powerpoint newspaper template free

PowerPoint Editable Old Newspaper Template

powerpoint editable old newspaper template

Microsoft PowerPoint Roadmap Template

Many major companies and business use presentations containing roadmaps to highlight their past journey and future plans. There are many other uses for the MS PowerPoint Roadmap template so many professionals find themselves using this particular design repeatedly. Roadmap templates are easily available in the Office website and other online sources.

Draw A 3D Roadmap In PowerPoint : Tutorial

draw a 3d roadmap in powerpoint tutorial

Download Free Roadmap Template PPT Format

download free roadmap template ppt format

Microsoft PowerPoint Resume Template

Showcasing your resume via a presentation is a bold new way to highlight skills, educational qualifications and experience. A crisp presentation might make the user stand out in an interview. The MS PowerPoint Resume template is a good way to start when a user is considering presenting his resume.

Microsoft PowerPoint Resume Template Free Download

microsoft powerpoint resume template free download

Download Resume PowerPoint Template

download resume powerpoint template

Microsoft PowerPoint Storyboard Template

Storyboards can be a very interesting way to present information. Storyboards combine graphics with text in a way that the slides read like a storybook or even a comic strip, depending on the design. MS PowerPoint Storyboard template comes in various different designs and colours, making it a great template to use in a presentation.

Download Microsoft PowerPoint Storyboard Template

download microsoft powerpoint storyboard template


Microsoft PowerPoint Swimlane Template

A Swimlane can be used to describe in a clear and precise manner, how the different departments come together to complete a project. MS PowerPoint Swimlane template can be used to make presentations that showcase the data in this clear manner. These Free PPT Templates are available for download and comes in many different designs.

Swim Lane PPT Template Free Download

swim lane ppt template free download

Microsoft PowerPoint Swimlane Template

microsoft powerpoint swimlane template sample

Microsoft PowerPoint Timeline Template

Showcasing the growth of a particular business over a period of time is an important marketing tool. Professionals also use it to show the progress of a particular project. MS PowerPoint Time template is often used in such cases and there are various designs available to suit different needs.

Microsoft PowerPoint Timeline Template Download

microsoft powerpoint timeline template download

Timeline PowerPoint Template Free Download

timeline powerpoint template free download

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