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Labels have a variety of different uses, whether it is to organize files, track luggage, mark different containers, etc. Designing a label is a simple matter of using Word to write down the relevant data and organizing it accordingly. Labels can also be printed out as stickers by using sticker paper or getting it printed at a store. However, there are various different patterns and designs available if the user wants something different. MS Label templates come in hundreds of different colours and styles. The user can easily pick something that suits their purpose and download them from the internet.

Summer Floral Wedding Address Label Card Template

summer-floral-wedding-address-label-card-template Download

Sample Beer Label Template

sample-beer-label-template Free Download

Product Label Photoshop Template

product-label-photoshop-template Free Download

Editable Food Label Template

editable-food-label-template Free Download

Printable Honey Jar Label Template

printable-honey-jar-label-template Free Download

Holiday Address Label Template

holiday-address-label-template Free Download

Real Estate Address Label Template

real-estate-address-label-template Free Download

Save the Date Label Template

save-the-date-label-template Free Download

Round Label Photoshop Template

round-label-photoshop-template Free Download

Graduation Wine Bottle Label Template

graduation-wine-bottle-label Free Download

Microsoft Address Label Template

Address labels are generally of great use to travellers, allowing them to keep track of their luggage. They can also be used if one needs to send of invitations, letters or cards, etc., in bulk. MS Address Label templates work well and come in different patterns and colours.

Microsoft Binder Label Template

This particular label is very useful, especially for school and college students, who have to organize their binders by subject. It is also useful in offices in labelling different files. MS Binder Label templates come in different colours and designs too, some specifically designed for kids and teenagers and some targeted towards adults.

Individual Binder Label Template

individual binder label template

Microsoft Word Binder Spine Template

microsoft word binder spine template

Microsoft Bottle Label Template

Some people have a habit of making their own sauces, juices, jams and pickles, etc. Creating labels for them is a great way to organize the refrigerator or pantry. The MS Bottle Label template allows the users to pick a design that they like, enter the label content and print it out.

Sample Microsoft Bottle Label Template

sample microsoft bottle label template


Microsoft Works Bottle label Template Download

microsoft works bottle label template download

Microsoft Book Label Template

School children and even college students need book labels to mark their textbooks and workbooks as theirs. These labels can also be a way to organize the books according to subject. There are different and interesting designs available in MS Book Label template and class room label, suited for people of every age and preference.

Sample Microsoft Book Label Template Download

sample microsoft book label template download

Kids Microsoft Book Label Template Free Download

kids microsoft book label template free download

Microsoft CD/DVD Label Template

Labelling CDs and DVDs can be a bit bothersome; ink can fade or be scratched out over time, making organization difficult. Creating paper labels with the MS CD/DVD Label templates can make organizing a CD or DVD collection a whole lot easier. The template is easily available for download online.

Full Face CD Label Template Download

full face cd label template download


Sample Microsoft CD Label Template

sample microsoft cd label template


Microsoft Folder Label Template

It’s important to label folders, especially if one intends to keep things organized. Folder labels can be easily created in Word through tables. However, a user can also simply download MS Folder Label template from the Office website of other sources. The template comes in different designs and colours too. Create Folder Label in Microsoft Word : Click Here Create Printable File Holder Label Using Microsoft Word : Click Here

Microsoft Gift Label Template

Handing out gifts makes a person feel great but wrapping and labelling them can be tedious, especially in bulk. The best way to go about it is to make labels in Word. One can easily download MS Gift Label template of their preferred design before printing them out and writing down their names.

Microsoft Gift Label Template Sample

microsoft gift label template sample


Free to Print Gift Tag Label Template

free to print gift tag label template

Microsoft Shipping Label Template

Shipping things from one place to another is already a complex process. One needs a way to ensure their package reaches its destination safely. The best way to do that is to have a clear, detailed shipping label. A MS Shipping Label template ensures that the details would be sharp and clear.

Microsoft Shipping Label Sheet Template Sample

microsoft shipping label sheet template sample

Microsoft Spine Label Template

Spine labels are a great way to organize a collection of books, diaries, albums, etc. One can even create a system to properly manage a small library. Creating spine labels is easy in Word but if a user wants a different design, they can download MS Spine Label templates according to their preference.

Microsoft Veron Spine Label Template Download

microsoft veron spine label template download

Colored Multipurpose Microsoft Spine Label Template

colored multipurpose microsoft spine label template

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