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A PowerPoint Presentation catches the viewers’ interest easily if you incorporate different and interesting formats to present the contents. How about a newspaper format then? The format has got all the excellence in it to give your presentation a zing and an edge. However, if you are not sure what a newspaper format presentation would look like, we say you try the PowerPoint newspaper template and see for yourself! You’d easily be able to find several of them on the Web. You may like Free Newspaper Templates. You would get a pre-defined Newspaper Templates structure here so that you don’t have to create the format right from scratch. Just download your free PowerPoint Presentation newspaper template and customize it with your specific text & pictorial data. These templates are convenient to work with. Whether you are reporting a celebrity wedding or a classroom birthday party in a middle school/elementary school, we have various templates that can help you make the PPT slides for that news. From the front page to the background, your modern PowerPoint will be newsworthy!

Magazine Newspaper Template PPT Format Download

magzine newspaper template ppt format download

World Newspaper Layouts Style 2 Powerpoint Presentation

world newspaper layouts style 2 powerpoint presentation

PowerPoint Newspaper Template

If you need a PowerPoint Newspaper Template, you can download ready-made PowerPoint newspaper templates available online. They come in easy-to-edit options, and you can use them in any way you want. These templates can be used in PowerPoint presentations where newspaper templates are used as themes. You can use them to present your business news to the people. They are handy to prepare and use in any way you want. They can also be used in college and school projects by students. You can create your own, articles, news headlines, and insert pictures using these newspaper templates according to your needs and requirements.

Download Free Economy Powerpoint Newspaper PPT Template

download free economy powerpoint newspaper ppt template

GX News Paper Layout For Business Community Powerpoint Template

gx news paper layout for business community powerpoint template

Editable Old Newspaper PowerPoint Template Free Download

editable old newspaper powerpoint template free download

Lovely Clean News Powerpoint Presentation Slides Download

lovely clean news powerpoint presentation slides download

World Newspaper Layouts Style Template Powerpoint Template

world newspaper layouts style template powerpoint template

Press Release Newspaper PowerPoint Template Free Download

press release newspaper powerpoint template free download

PowerPoint NewsPaper Finished Template Printable Download

powerpoint newspaper finished template printable download

Fringe News PowerPoint Slide Template – $15

fringe news powerpoint slide template

A kind of business magazine that has every inch of fonts embedded on the template makes it look amazing. It comes with a package in which images and sound are not included in any sort of way.

Newspaper Article Background Template for Powerpoint Download

newspaper article template for powerpoint download

Layout in the form of community discussion makes the newspaper design enthralling. You can download any part that you want from the different sections of the newspaper template. You have various styles that form so many sections in a single template.

Blank Newspaper Front Page Template Powerpoint Example

blank newspaper template
Various kinds of power plugs are incorporated into the template form which can have a font in blue color and the entire article in black script. The base has to be white on which you can easily add anything of your choice.

Free Sample Newspaper Template PPT Download

free newspaper template ppt
World news in one section and gossip column on the other makes it up for a stark contrast yet add color to the lifeless news. It is up to you to decide which section you want to choose first and read.

Printable Spoof Newspaper Template Powerpoint Headline

spoof newspaper template powerpoint headline

A stylized version of corporate newsprint with a download option and text option is provided along with pictures in the middle. The entire text of the article contains articles in the most effective and categorized way which helps you in selection.

Open Office Newspaper Professional Powerpoint Template

open office newspaper professional powerpoint template
You get PowerPlugs along with this template. Also, it gives your newspaper a very professional look. If you run a daily, then you can go for this PowerPoint template without hesitation.

Newspaper Headlines Template Powerpoint Presentation

newspaper headlines template powerpoint presentation

No news item can be complete without a catchy headline. You could download this template to make use of headlines like “global warming” or “Is this the end?” mentioned in the template.

Powerpoint Newspaper Template Software Download

powerpoint newspaper template software download

If you’re looking for a template for your business news page, you could download this template. You have to insert the text in respective places and each image in the slide can easily be edited.

Powerpoint Presentation Free Middle School Newspaper Template

powerpoint presentation free school newspaper template

This PowerPoint newspaper template would be perfect if you’re planning to start a school paper. It presents school news in a fun, and appealing way that would attract students and other readers

Microsoft Office Cool Powerpoint Newspaper Theme Template

microsoft office newspaper template

With this template, not only can you add the headline and the text, but also add images to support it. It is also editable in Microsoft Office, which makes it easier to use.

Breaking News PowerPoint Format Template

breaking news powerpoint format template

In the case of this newspaper template, you get to add two columns of text when it comes to arranging your article. Also, you get to add a fairly large image to make the news item more impactful.

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Daily Times Newspaper Modern Wedding Form

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Planning the Classroom Newspaper

planning the classroom newspaperamericanpressinstitute.org
File Format
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Size: 284 KB

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Student Newspaper Staff

student newspaper staffmga.edu
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Elementary Children Birthday Newspaper

elementary children birthday newspaperflatheadgenweb.com
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