27+ Microsoft Resume Templates – Free Samples, Examples & Format Download!

Resumes are the very first impression an employer gets of their potential employee. The more impressive it is, the most likely the potential employee is to be hired. Creating a crisp, clean looking resume is a nerve-wrecking task for a beginner and some are uncertain about the format or the style. Some users don’t know what to write and what type of design is appropriate. The MS Resume templates are a great resource to create good resumes without the nervousness and uncertainty. There are many different styles and designs available and the user just needs to enter their details for a great looking resume.

Microbiologist Resume Template


Simple Web Developer Resume Template


Graphic Designer Resume InDesign Template


HR Manager Resume Template


UX Designer Resume Template in Illustrator


Lab Technician Resume PSD Template


Pharmacist Resume Template in iPages


Merchandiser Resume Template


Nursing Resume Template in MS Word


Simple Teacher Resume Template to Edit


Microsoft Word Resume Template

MS Word has made creating professional looking papers and reports very easy. When it comes to resume, the document has to be crisp and clean and creating to one in word in the best way to go about it. The MS Word Resume templates help users create great resumes that would impress potential employers.

Editable Microsoft Word Chef Resume Template

Sample Microsoft Word Executive Assistant Resume Template

Microsoft Word Resume Template Word 2007

MS Word version 2007 is considered of the best versions of Word with better customization options. It is very easy to make a great looking resume in Word and one can even use templates to help them. MS Word Resume templates Word 2007 are readily available in different designs for download.

Microsoft Word 2007: Resume Template

Resume Template Word 2007 Free Download

Microsoft Functional Resume Template

A functional resume usually focuses on a persona specific skills and experience rather than focusing on the timeline of their job an education. This is a good way showcase a person’s skill and redirect attention from inconsistent job history. MS Functional Resume template allows the user to create one easily.

Simple Printable Functional Resume Template

Sample Functional Resume Template Free Download

Microsoft Chronological Resume Template

The Chronological Resume shows the exact timeline of a person’s job history and illustrates their skills and experience. A user can create a crisp looking resume using the MS Chronological Resume template. One can find it online and pick the design they like before downloading it and filling the relevant data.

Printable Chronological Resume Example Engineering

Editable Chronological Resume Template Download

Microsoft Nursing Resume Template

When nurses wish to write a resume, they need to showcase certain specific details that would aid their future employer in selection. The MS Nursing Resume template ensures that the user can have a proper format and guidelines to follow and that the resume turns out to be crisp and neat.

Simple Microsoft Word Nursing Resume CV Template

Microsoft Sample Nursing Student Resume Template Word DOC

Microsoft Student Resume Template

A student’s resume is different from the resume of an experienced professional. Freshly graduated students are unlikely to have an extensive employment history but they might wish to highlight their various achievements. A MS Student Resume template guides a student to make an appealing resume that might increase their chances of getting good employment.

Sample Microsoft Word College Student Resume Format

Microsoft Marketing Student Resume Template Example

Microsoft Teacher Resume Template

When teachers need to apply for a new job, they need to highlight their best attributes as a teacher. A good resume would help with that. MS Teacher Resume template can be easily downloaded from the Office website or other online sources. They are available in various designs and formats.

Sample Microsoft Science Teacher Resume Template

Microsoft High School Teacher Resume Template DOC

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