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8+ Outside Employment Form Templates – PDF

As one individual reaches adulthood or graduates college, that individual is expected to apply for a job sooner or later. This is expected from one because of many reasons. Reasons like to support the family, support himself/herself, work in the profession that he/she studied for years, or deposit a little bit of his/her income to his/her bank account for future use. But sometimes when one finds a job, the pay is not always good, especially in the first few months. That is why people who find themselves in such a situation tend to either apply for another job that pays well or opt for two jobs at the same time. Working for a company and having another job outside of it is called outside employment.

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This article will introduce you the full definition of outside employment and some of its general policies that companies around the world use. Along with that, we will also be showing you templates of its policy and forms to give you an idea of what it is composed of. By the end of this article, you will also be able to read the advantages and disadvantages of having two or more jobs at the same time.

External Employment Application and Approval Form

Staff Annual Request Form for Outside Employment

Outside Employment Request Form

What is Outside Employment?

According to different companies who have this kind of policy, outside employment is basically where an individual works in a different company, while at the same time, works for his first company. It is also when one is self-employed or when someone receives wages and compensation from another employer where one renders service. Different companies have different methods when it comes to allowing employees to have another job outside of the company while working on their own. That can be found in their outside employment policy. The policy is made up of these components:

1. Purpose. Basically, in this part of the policy, it states why there is this kind of policy. Most often, it would explain that it is for the benefit of the employees to understand when one applies for outside employment, the second job should not affect his/her performance with the current company. In other words, it should not have a conflict of interest for the company. You may also like verification of employment forms.

2. Scope. This determines where the policy applies to in the company because some might not be granted the request.

3. Procedures. This is where it would state what necessary procedures are to be followed if one would want to apply for outside employment. The procedure should be clear and concise as to any other policy within a company to avoid confusion. It will usually require the individual to ask permission from the supervisor or to fill up an outside employment form to make it more formal.

Outside Employment Request Form to Engage

Faculty Outside Employment Form

Parts of an Outside Employment Form

Just like any other company form, an outside employment form has its own parts that should be filled up by the employee honestly and completely to let it be approved or disapproved by the management, HR, or whoever is in charge for that particular request form. This part of the article will show you the general parts needed in an outside employment form:

1. Basic Information – This generally contains your name, the department in which you are in, your job position, and the date you filed for this request.

2. Employer Information – This is where you write the name of the employer or company you plan to also work with if ever the request is granted by HR or to anyone that the company has deemed responsible for such requests. You may also see HR application forms.

3. Job Title – This is where you state what kind of position you’re applying or taking in the other company.

4. Location – This simply means the complete address of where your other employer or firm is located.

5. Work Hours – In this part of the form, you have to state the hours of service you will render for that other firm.

6. Months – You have to put how many months you are planning to have this outside employment.

7. Approval – This part is responsible for the person in charge to decide if he or she will let you work for another company at the same time with the current one. The end of this part of the form is where the one in charge will affix his or her signature whether the request is approved or not. You may also like HR complaint forms.

It is best that the one requesting should make sure his/her request is reasonable in order for it to be approved immediately. But, this does not mean that one should falsely state why he/she needs also work in that other company to avoid penalties that might cost him/her not only his/her job but also his/her future is looking for another. Having a bad record by other companies is a major setback and can leave a bad impression for the person as an employee. You may also see employment verification forms templates.

Staff and Administrative Outside Employment Form

Outside Employee Information Form

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Two Jobs at the Same Time

No matter how good some things might seem or how bad things are, there will always be an equal and opposite reaction. If one involves himself/herself in working two jobs at the same time, it has its advantages and disadvantages. How heavy the impact between the two of those effects depends on the perception of the individual. In this part of the article, we will be giving you some of the pros and cons of working two jobs at the same time. This would also be useful if you need to reevaluate yourself someday if you have to face the dilemma of choosing to work two jobs at the same time or not. These are the pros and cons. You may also see employee correction forms.

1. Pros:

  • New Skills – In this generation, millennials are prone to go out more and learn new sets of skills. This is one of the reasons why they try to venture and work on two jobs at the same time. It is also one way for them to know if they can multitask and still be able to learn and find out if it’s best for them. You may also see exit interview form templates.
  • Money – This is probably one of the obvious reasons as some employees are looking for different ways to support themselves. Having extra income not only will help one satisfy his/her wants and needs but also it will help take care of his/her family and buy the necessary things for them. It also helps pay the bills at home. You may also see free HR forms.
  • Back-up – Having a second job can secure you. There are always people applying for jobs every day and some might even be good enough to actually take your position and you have to be released for the betterment of the company. When having a second job, you can make sure you’re still earning and won’t be stressed when looking for another job to apply for. It is always good to have a plan B just in case things do not work out for you along the way in your life. You may also like an example of HR forms.
  • Growth – One way or another, having experience with two jobs at the same time can help a person grow. Whether the two jobs are related or not, growth will be there if one makes an effort. With the tremendous amount of work and pressure that two jobs can give to one person, surely there will be realizations and with those realizations, growth will be the end result in every time. You may also see excel form templates.

Outside Employment Acknowledgement Form

External and Outside Employment Approval Form

2. Cons:

  • Fatigue – This is one big setback when you’re working two jobs at the same time. The stress that one job can give is sometimes exhausting especially if one does not enjoy that particular job. One would get limited hours of sleep because of multitasking two tasks at the same time and be looking to finish both in one day. This, if not balanced properly, would make the body weak and be prone to sickness and other physical manifestations of stress. Sickness can slow down one’s performance in the workplace. You may also see employee termination agreement forms.
  • Time – When one spends his days at two offices or is doing two things, he is more likely to have less time with family and friends. This is because of the fatigue he had by the end of the day. It is still important to have time for yourself and for others and not just work all the time. Less time with family, friends, and one’s significant other might bring conflicts and misunderstandings between you and them. You may also see employee complaint letters.
  • Pressure – Too much of anything is bad. If you’re a person who suffers from anxiety attacks and panic, it is better to have one job only since two jobs require you give your all in performing well. The fact of having two jobs is already stressful to think about, especially if both are not your passion, to begin with. You may also see job description forms.

The best way to avoid the disadvantages of having two jobs at the same time is to reevaluate your choices. You should be able to ask yourself if two tasks are something you can handle. You also have to consider the heaviness both jobs would give you and ask yourself if you have the power to carry that every day after you wake up in the morning and before you sleep at night. Ask yourself if having two jobs will lead you to positive growth in the future and that your efforts will not go to waste. Late realizations can make one regret. In the end, it is not what people regret doing, but regret the things they could have done, but didn’t. You may also see employment verification forms.

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