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Seeing one of your close friends in your workplace, someone who isn’t one of your coworkers who just came to visit you, can give you a delightful feeling especially if you’re stressed from work. You stop everything you do and just go to him/her and give a huge hug. This is possible if the visitor policy in your company allows these kinds of visits to happen without the need to file for an appointment.

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A visitor policy is a policy instituted by the company to ensure the safety of their organization, employees, and their visitors by giving guidelines on the right time for office visits, how to handle the visitors, and what the necessary procedures are regarding allowing visitors to come in and out the office. So if you’re interested to learn what compromises a visitor policy, how to manage visitors, and look at different visitor policy templates, feel free to read more below.

Workplace Visitor Policy


Sample Visitors Policy

Academy Visitor Policy

Uses of the Policy

Below are some of the uses of a visitor policy. They elaborate on the importance of why a company, a big one or a small one, should always have a such a policy.

1. Safety

School shootings have been rapid for the past few years hence leading some companies and institutions to reinforce their visitor policy. Being more keen on their inspection without offending the visitor and letting him understand why he has to go through this process will tighten up the security and ensure better safety for the people inside the premises. You may also like business policy templates.

2. Distraction

Having a familiar face in the workplace can really make one forget his own duties and responsibilities being assigned to him. If the visitor policy will not state the limit on how much time a visitor can be in the premise of the office, the employees’ performance will not be that productive especially if there are no sanctions to long visiting hours.

Hospital Visitor Policy

Visitor Policy for Office Security

Visitor Policy Example

University Visitor Policy

Visitor Procedure Policy

Parts of the Visitor Policy

To avoid misunderstandings with a visitor, the manager should have full knowledge of the company’s visitor policy. He should be ready to answer questions that the visitor might ask if the incident comes that he is not able to come into the office premises. The manager should know from top to bottom what compromises of the visitor policy by knowing these parts:

1. Policy statement

This is where the company introduces itself and informs what it is all about and why it is important and should be strictly followed. The policy would also state that if an individual disobeys the guidelines and procedures in visiting the premises of the office, it gives the company the right to escort the visitor out of the premises. You may also like writing a company policy.

2. Policy responsibility

Basically, this is the section that identifies who was implemented, reviewed, and assigned to inform the staff about the policy, especially the security office, if there is a change in the visitor’s policy. You may also like HR policy templates.

3. Applies to whom and where

In this part of the policy, it compromises of where and whom the policy is applied to. It can also state which part of the office premises can and cannot be visited and note who are the authorized persons to do so. If a moment comes where one violates this, it is up to the company on how to handle that kind of situation. They can either give the violator a warning or escort him out of the office premises. You may also see return policy templates.

4. Procedures

In this section, it provides information regarding what steps one has to comply before going to an office. Often, it would start by stating that a visitor must proceed to the reception first and inform the receptionist the purpose of their visit. Once this is done and approved, he must give his valid I.D. card, sign in the visitor’s manual, and proceed to the office he wishes to visit.

5. The departure of visitors

This part contains the necessary steps for the visitor to follow if he wishes to go out of the office premise. It is understood that the visitor must give back the hall pass to the receptionist so that he can have back his I.D. and then fill in the sign out a portion of the visitors manual. You may also like policy template formats.

Take care of your visitors

“The worst form of inequality is by trying to make unequal things equal.” This is taken from a famous line about equality by Aristotle. That being said, the office staff should always treat every single visitor with respect regardless of what they look like when they enter the office premises. This would not only impress the visitor but could possibly give them the choice to advertise to other people how welcoming your company is. Here are some tips to make your company feel like home for visitors:

1. Make it presentable. Having the visitor see your office space and premise neat and tidy will surely give him a good impression on how your company values cleanliness and discipline. You may also see company policy samples.

2. Smile, even when you’re busy. This is highly a recommended action especially for the office’s receptionist. If a client sees the receptionist still being able to give him/her a smile while she is having another conversation on the phone, it shows that the client is welcome. After the phone call, the receptionist can entertain them to show courtesy. You may also like punctuality policy templates.

3. Offer refreshments. It is never impolite to ask a visitor if he would care for some refreshments like water or would not mind drinking a cup of coffee to let him feel more welcomed. It is also recommended if the company would place the water dispenser near the reception or the waiting area for visitors rather than go through the office kitchen. You may also see business policy templates.

4. Have the daily news. While waiting, offer newspapers to the visitor so that he won’t feel bored or awkward in waiting. You leave some magazines by reception as well.

5. Assist them. This is a good practice for employees who have no affiliations with the visitor. The visitor would feel at home if employees passing by would greet them with a smile and ask them if they ever need assistance and who they are looking for. This can be a big help to those visitors who cannot really express themselves clearly and who are introverted. You may also like workplace policy templates.

Company Visitor Policy

Visitor Access Policy

Visitation Policy Template


Leave a good impression

Regardless of how the company presents and explains their visitor policy, it is always important to handle visitors properly and politely. If handled correctly and professionally, a visitor would understand why he won’t be granted access to their office and then come back with the right requirements to enter the office premises. If a company and its employees are knowledgeable and fully understands the visitor policy, this will leave the visitor a good impression about the company. You may also like IT policy templates.

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