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Table of Contents

  1. What is a Personal Capital Retirement Calculator?
  2. 7+ Retirement Spreadsheet Templates in PDF | DOC
  3. 1. Retirement Expense SpreadSheet
  4. 2. Retirement Budget Spreadsheet
  5. 3. Retirement Income Planning Spreadsheet
  6. 4. Instructions Retirement Spreadsheet
  7. 5. Retirement Spending Spreadsheet in DOC
  8. 6. Retirement Spreadsheet Description
  9. 7. Sample Retirement Planning Spreadsheet
  10. Best downloadable spreadsheets for retirement planning
  11. Conclusion

7+ Retirement Spreadsheet Templates in PDF | DOC

Comprising a range of topics from taxes to investments, they all can be used to help you make smarter financial decisions, whether your retirement is years away or right upon you. These are intended for tax and financial planning professionals. With the spreadsheet templates that are provided down below are free to download, you can do calculations, business invoices can manage databases and any other work that needs you to manage official records. The templates are created in a design that will help you not only in professional work but for personal work as well such as making retiring plans. Check them out now.

What is a Personal Capital Retirement Calculator?

Personal Capital is a powerful financial aggregator that will pull all your financial information into one place – banks, credit cards, brokerages, etc. It also consists of a retirement planning tool that takes your actual knowledge and helps you intend for your retirement.

7+ Retirement Spreadsheet Templates in PDF | DOC

1. Retirement Expense SpreadSheet

retirement expense
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In this template, we have provided a Retirement expense worksheet that you can refer to. This worksheet may be used to assist create your strategy for managing income in retirement. It will help you outline expected income and
expenses throughout retirement thus you’ll establish any gaps in your arrange. And whereas this worksheet will assist you to allow essential and discretionary retirement expenses, be sure to also set aside money to cover unexpected expenses. Download the spreadsheet template now to get started.

2. Retirement Budget Spreadsheet

retirement budget
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  • PDF

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Many retirees notice that their essential expenses in retirement take up heaps of their financial gain. Creating a budget to help get a general plan of what you’re disbursal could be a smart move. If you’re trying to find a target start line for assessing what your expenses might be in retirement and you’re uncertain where to begin, you might consider using a rough estimate of seventieth as essential and half-hour discretionary (or nonessential) disbursal. Of course, your actual budget can vary supported your way of life and private state of affairs. Have a look at the free spreadsheet template sample provided in the template which will make your work hassle-free and easy.

3. Retirement Income Planning Spreadsheet

retirement income planning
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  • PDF

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When planning for retirement, it’s important to make sure that you’ll have enough income to live life on your terms. Use this Retirement Income Planning Worksheet to get control on your expenses and make a retirement income plan that can assist you to feel confident about the future for you and your family.

4. Instructions Retirement Spreadsheet

instructions retirement
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  • PDF

Size: 655.1 KB

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Check out the instructions to complete the unclaimed benefits spreadsheet on the FSCA Retirement Funds Online System which will give you ideas on its steps and procedures. Ease your task by taking reference from the template given.

5. Retirement Spending Spreadsheet in DOC

retirement spending
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  • DOC

Size: 7.8 KB

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This financial spreadsheet given here is based on the retirement spending spreadsheet. The worksheet can be used by those who are planning for retirement or who already are retired and want to estimate their future needs. Also, this sample has been provided in doc format for which you will have the benefit of editing or modifying the entire file as you want to. Download it now to avoid the struggle of creating a new one from scratch.

6. Retirement Spreadsheet Description

retirement spreadsheet
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  • DOC

Size: 8.1 KB

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7. Sample Retirement Planning Spreadsheet

sample retirement planning
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  • DOC

Size: 4.5 KB

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Best downloadable spreadsheets for retirement planning

The Flexible Retirement Planner

It offers a free evaluation version for download on its website. The spreadsheet takes primary data such as your current age; your retirement age; total amounts saved in tax-deferred, taxable, and tax-free accounts; the expected rate of return on savings; your tax rate; and your annual contributions to savings. The planner then covers several simulations to account for differing investment outcomes, and it evaluates your probability of attaining success, meaning that your money lasts for your lifetime. The site conjointly offers a series of further free spreadsheets for transfer beneath its Tools section.

Simple Planning

Studies show that retirees are often caught off guard by how large their tax bill is in retirement. Unlike many of the free but generalized means out there, Simple Planning gives a comprehensive tax calculator that enables you to model out a complete tax return.

Financial Architects

Financial Architects could be a wealth management firm that produces several of its spreadsheets on the market on-line for free of charge on its resources page. Scroll down the page to see spreadsheets and articles by subject. Retirees might want to check out several of them, such as their One-Person Social Security Breakeven Spreadsheet, the Pension Option Analysis Spreadsheet, the Investment Returns Matrix Spreadsheet, and the Joint Life Probability Spreadsheet, to name just a few. You’ll need a great practical knowledge of Excel to use these tools.

Tax Tools

CFS Tax Software grants a calculation program for tax professionals, but the pricing on their Tax Tools packages is fair enough that those who do their own returns might be interested. One of the CFS tax planning tools enables the comparison of multiple future years side by side—an excellent characteristic for retirees, as you can project the tax outcomes when you start making your compulsory IRA withdrawals and receiving Social Security benefits. The absolutely practical free demo downloads allow you to attempt before you buy; the sole limitation is that the downloads might not print or generate forms for you.

The Ultimate Estate Planner Inc.

The Ultimate Estate Planner is a website whose devices and tools are fundamentally for practicing financial planners, accountants, and attorneys. But their fairly priced charts, calculators, and software are so user-friendly, and so educational, that many individuals may find them worthwhile.

Real-World Personal Financial Software

The site Real World Personal Financial bills itself as being “for do-it-yourself investors and financial advisors.” A variety of free money and analysis demos are available for download and experimentation, ranging from Rental Realty Analysis to plus Allocation Calculators to the important World Retirement designing program—which conjointly comes in an exceeding twin Real-World Retirement version that permits you to match two different retirement scenarios simultaneously.


Are you planning for retirement? Although it is nearly difficult to predict what the market and economy will be like over the years, the savings and retirement calculators can help you estimate how much you need to save to reach your goals. The free retirement and savings spreadsheets are basically designed for Microsoft Excel, so you can work with them on your own computer.

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