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Are you finally planning to retire from your daily work schedule and relax during your golden age? But before you leave your company or any organization, you will have to write your retirement notice letter to your employer. By sending this retirement notice letter, you will surely start your retirement on the right note. Sending a retirement notice letter is a thoughtful and professional way of informing your employer that you are leaving the company.


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What is a Retirement Notice Letter?

A formal notification that has to be submitted to your employer informing him/her that you are planning to leave your job is known as a retirement notice letter. It is also known as a resignation letter. This letter gives your company or organization the time to make plans about your absence in the company and start the process of hiring a new replacement for your post. The individual who is applying for the resignation from his/her position can also request for any retirement benefits through a retirement notice letter.

How to Write a Retirement Notice Letter?

Step 1: Provide a Header

Start your letter with a formal and standard letterhead. Make sure you address the letter formally and even if it is written on a first-name basis with the person you work for. Prefer using the full names of your boss and address them formally. It should contain the contact details, the date, along with the contact details of your boss or whomever the letter is being addressed to.

Step 2: Divide the Body of the Letter

Divide the body of the letter into three parts and each of the paragraphs will talk about different topics. First, you can discuss your intention to retire and include some important details like the name of the company, your designation and mention your last at the company. Your second paragraph may contain some information about the time that you spent in the company. You can highlight the enriching opportunities that you had in the workplace. In the last paragraph, you can mention that you want to leave this workplace on a positive note and also mention your intention to assist with your replacement.

Step 3: End on a Positive Note

Make sure that you end your letter on a good note. You can extend your best wishes to the organization or company, your colleagues as well as your replacement. You can also include a thankyou note or an acknowledgment at the end of the letter. Once you have completed the body of the letter, do not forget to sign off with “Yours truly” or “Sincerely” but the latter is mostly used in terms of formal letters.

Step 4: Give Contact Details

After providing the body of the letter, it is time to provide the basic contact details that will include details like email address, phone number along with your current address. This information is important because it is these contact details that the company can refer to while preparing your retirement document. Check the details and see if there are any mistakes and provide the exact current phone number or email address that you use regularly.

Step 5: Delivering the Letter

It will be a wise choice to personally hand your resignation letter instead of writing an email or sending it online. It is believed that a hand-delivered letter makes a greater impact on an individual and it is also considered the most professional way to give your resignation. You can also send a copy of your letter to the Human Resources Department that will allow them to begin the process executing your retirement benefits.

3+ Retirement Notice Letter Templates in PDF | DOC

1. Retirement Notice Letter

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This retirement notice letter is written to request the Board’s consent for an individual’s resignation or retirement to pension as of the mentioned date. This is made for the individual to begin receiving a pension from Ontario’s Teachers’ Pension Plan. The individual declares that he/she will no further perform any paid duties after that time and shall receive all the salary and benefits from the Board. A collective agreement is also attached to this document that includes the resignation or the retirement dates. You can use this template for reference purpose if you have recently retired and is planning to send a notice letter for getting your retirement benefits.

2. Sample Retirement Notice Letter

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The standard notice for most of the resignation letters is around two weeks, but the time for a retirement letter may vary depending on the situation. In case you are from an upper-level management position, then your employer may need more time to hire a suitable replacement for your position. You can take the help of this sample retirement letter which consists of a 21 Day Retirement Letter informing the supervisor about his/her resignation along with the date of resigning.

3. Notice Letter Announcing Retirement

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You can use this letter to inform all your colleagues in your workplace about your last evening at the workplace. In the letter, you can mention that you have submitted your resignation and announced your retirement as the Senior Minister of First Christian Church. Then you can mention the accomplishments you have experienced while you stay at this place with your colleagues. You can download this example template in Google Docs format and once it has been downloaded, you can even customize it and edit the content provided here.

Why Do You Need a Retirement Notice Letter?

Have you ever thought why do you really need to write a formal retirement notice letter? It is believed that writing a formal or just a basic retirement notice letter when you’re planning to leave your current job makes you seem more professional or courteous. And you get to mention the exact day when you are going to leave and also request for retirement benefits by writing this retirement notice letter.


Nobody wants to leave their job on a bad note, so it is always wise to make the best of your work life and end it on a positive note by giving a retirement notice letter. We have provided several readymade templates to meet your needs and provide some aid to your needs, so feel free to check them and start your retirement by getting a peaceful farewell from your company.

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