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Table of Contents

  1. 5 Easy Steps to Create a Sales Billboard
  2. 5+ Sales Billboard Templates
  3. 1. Car Sales Billboard Template
  4. 2. Sales & Services Business Billboard
  5. 3. Real Estate Sale Billboard Template
  6. 4. Holiday Sale Billboard Template
  7. 5. Fashion Sale Billboard Template
  8. 6. Plant Sale Show Billboard Template

5+ Sales Billboard Templates

A billboard is an outdoor advertising board, which is found in traffic areas or roads where it is easily visible to people. Sales billboards play a huge role in the success stories of many sales in any company. It presents large advertisements to passing walkers and drivers. The purpose of billboards is to create consciousness.

5 Easy Steps to Create a Sales Billboard

It is rather important to create a beautiful and effective billboard for your company sales. Here are 5 steps that can help you design a first-class billboard on your own

Step 1: Story to the Point

If your billboard is on the side of a highway on which people will be rushing, then a design without a story simply won’t be interesting. To find your story, think about the one thing you want people to catch off your billboard advertisement. Use your fundamental message to find the story and give it a meaning. It could probably solve an issue, or provoke an emotion, or fulfil a need. Billboard design is an optical medium, which means the next step is figuring out how to tell that story through images and text.

Step 2: Keep It Short

The common driver will only have about a few seconds to view your billboard design, read any text, and understand the message. During that time, the driver could also be glancing from the billboard to the road, and back to the billboard again depending on the traffic. One of the most important rules to follow is to keep your message short and simple. Just be sure to prioritize the most important points so your billboard doesn’t become cluttery or unreadable.

Step 3: Be Loud and Clear

Make sure any text in your design is printed in clean, bold font to ensure the best readability by on-going passengers. A headline is the most important in your billboard. Also, the larger the font, the more time a driver has to read and understand your message clearly at a distance. So go big, loud and clear! The billboards advertise for themselves.

Step 4: Be Vivid and Colorful

Use bright colours and bold images in your design to attract eyes to your billboard. Contrasting colours within the design will also create an even bigger impression that will help improve the remembrance of your message. But in order for your image to be useful, you’ll want to keep your background simple to ensure the front isn’t fighting for attention. And apply only one large image or photo, not many. That one powerful image will create a strong visual impact than many images put together.

Step 5: Check your Location

Choose the most effective location for your billboard, a place where your target audience is present. Consider your costs for the billboard and choose the most budget-friendly one for your company. Ensure that your logo and image is visible clearly. Consider the location where your design will be displayed and use that setting for a clever message. You can also take advantage of highways with several miles of territory between towns, where there are so many travellers every day. Have a unique attraction to your billboard and make it look different from the rest.

5+ Sales Billboard Templates

1. Car Sales Billboard Template

car sales billboard template
File Format
  • AI
  • PSD

Size: 48×14 Inches

Download Now

Want to promote your business more? If that’s so, billboards are the most powerful marketing tool for you to use. Starting to make a template from scratch consumes a lot of time. This template is content-ready and contains easily adjustable graphics. It is compatible with photo-editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop. It can be edited on any electronic device, which makes it more useful.

2. Sales & Services Business Billboard

sales services business billboard

A professional and stylish sales and services billboard template with different colour schemes is the best tool to show-off your sales and business! Promote and improve the visibility of your brand, showcase your products, perfect for any kind of business like car dealers, travel agency or any sales related company. Restaurant billboard helps the restaurant sell their food through a lot of means if they do offer sales from time-to-time.

3. Real Estate Sale Billboard Template

real estate sale billboard template

Editable billboard templates in PSD, like the one above, shows the business sale in the real estate department. It shows if there are any available houses for sale and they are located in places where there is a lot of livelihoods around. This way, the company can increase its sales easily.

4. Holiday Sale Billboard Template

holiday sale billboard

As holidays approach closer, many people would want to know where and when there are sales for different things all across the city. This is the perfect time for you to design the best billboard for your company and put it in locations that can easily grab people’s eye. This will help you increase your sales as people always choose the best sales during the holiday season to spend their money on.

5. Fashion Sale Billboard Template

fashion sale billboard template Download Now

Fashion is one of the most sold industry throughout the world, regardless of the place. And when you want more sales for your company, just post a billboard with fashion sales, and see the number of people who will come to buy clothes and different types of fashion accessories from your company. Mention the address, name of the company and contact details.

6. Plant Sale Show Billboard Template

plant sale show billboard template

The template for plant sale show is designed for business. It is professional and eye-catching. It is easy to attract customers if your billboards are bright and colourful. Try using reflective and nighttime visibility billboards for better sales.

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