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A proof that you are a reliable real estate property or professional can give you higher chances of getting more inquiries and closed deals. If you want people to be aware of the properties that you have already sold, you can create a just sold postcard. You can also include details about your real estate company, real estate services and products, and agent milestones which make the just sold postcard a multi-purpose document.

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5 Steps for Making a Detailed Just Sold Postcard

Have you not tried using a just sold postcard before? Fret not as we can help you further understand the variables, factors, and elements that you need to consider so you can have your own just sold postcard in the best and fastest way possible. Be guided by the procedure discussed below if you plan to create a just sold postcard now.

Step 1: Know How to Utilize the Just Sold Postcard

It is essential for you to make the most out of the just sold postcard’s usage. Try to develop a postcard format that can enable you to give as many informative details as possible in an organized manner.

Step 2: Identify the Postcard Design that You Want

Just like the processes that you need to undergo when making real estate advertising banners, you also have to think of the design that you would like to see in the just sold postcard layout. Ensure that your design option is aligned with the branding of the real estate property specified in the just sold postcard.

Step 3: Refer to A Template for Your Formatting Needs

If you need help in developing the format or layout of your just sold postcard, you can refer to a template. A pre-formatted guide can help you easily create the particular brochure layout that you aspire to have for your content presentation.

Step 4: Develop the Just Sold Postcard Content and Layout

Having a well-structured just sold postcard layout is only half of the equation. Incorporate design items and content details in the just sold postcard. Your brochure materials should be related to real estate property selling so you can remain on-brand within the entirety of your just sold postcard development.

Step 5: Print or Post the Final Version of the Just Sold Postcard

Once you have already evaluated and approved the final version of the just sold postcard, select a medium where you can print the material. The sizing of the medium where you will print the just sold postcard must be considered so you can maintain the quality of the postcard design that you have made.

11+ Just Sold Postcard Templates

1. Just Sold Postcard Template in PSD

just sold real estate postcard Download

It is not only in the development of real estate brochures where templates are necessary. A just sold postcard template is a layout tool that you can utilize if you want to have a presentable output. Ensuring the appropriate placement of all postcard details can help you relay your message the way you wanted as well as present the brand of the business in the most effective way possible.

2. Postcard Just Sold Design Template

real estate postcard just sold canva design Download

Make the most out of the usage of a postcard just sold design template or any other kinds of postcard templates. A just sold postcard template can be helpful on your part if you want to have a layout that can be easily created within the time frame that was given to you. However, you need to have the ability to identify ways on how you can modify your template option to make your output look as original as possible.

3. Just Sold Postcard Template

just sold postcard template Download

In comparison to a marketing postcard, a just sold postcard can also serve as a marketing tool for your real estate business. Have a precise and detailed just sold postcard template that can present all relevant details about the sold properties. Other than this, provide information that can promote your business services and management properties like your milestones; achievements; awards received; and industry acknowledgments.

4. Simple Just Sold Postcard Template

simple just sod postcrd template Download

Just like a realtor postcard, your just sold postcard should be well-designed. Have a simple just sold postcard template that can feature your sold and available properties in a good light. Learn how to feature your properties in an appealing way so more clients can have the interest to practice their purchasing activities on your real estate business.

5. Custom Postcard Just Sold Template

custom real estate postcard just sold Download

Your just sold postcard is not only signage that will tell people that certain properties have already been sold. Actually, it can be an advertising tool that can promote the effectiveness of your real estate property to close a sale. All your recently closed properties can be included in your custom postcard just sold the template. Through this listing, clients can ensure that you are a credible and amazing real estate business.

6. Standard Just Sold Postcard Template

standard just sold postcard template Download

It will be amazing if you can include images of the property that has been sold. Using these photos as an additional design item in your standard just sold postcard template can be a smart move as people will also know the types or kinds of properties that you manage and sell as a real estate business. Take content references from sales templates so you can also effectively use a just sold postcard as a sales tool.

7. Basic Just Sold Postcard Template

basic real estate just sold postcard Download

Your just sold postcard must contain the contact information of real estate sales agents. It is very important for this information to be seen in the specified postcard tool as it can enable interested clients to contact you right away. Your basic just sold postcard template can just be the reason why a potential real estate buyer will call you for inquiries and other concerns.

8. Vintage Just Sold Postcard Template

vintage real estate just sold postcard Download

Have a design theme when necessary. As an example, a vintage just sold postcard template can be used if the sold property has vintage features and appeal. This can be great if you are targeting a specific market that is interested with properties that have the vintage quality or aesthetic.

9. Just Sold Postcard Design Template

vintage real estate just sold postcard1 Download

Be clear and accurate with the specification of all the details that you will include in the just sold postcard. Especially with regards your closing price, you have to be particular with your detail presentation so you can set the proper expectations of your desired clients. Aside from this, have a complete list of the contact details of your real estate agents. Include their business phone number, office number, and email address in the just sold postcard design template.

10. Free Just Sold Postcard Template

free real estate just sold postcard Download

Always be honest when specifying details in the just sold postcard. Your free just sold postcard template should contain details that can present sold properties as they are. Do not over-promise when it comes to pricing and other property sale detailing. More so, never exaggerate the look and features of the property in photos so that your potential clients will not be disappointed or underwhelmed when they visit the same type of property which they are supposed to buy.

11. Creative Just Sold Postcard template

creative real estate just sold postcard Download

Let your just sold postcard be visually impressive yet still informative. When modifying card templates, present features and descriptions of the sold property. You can also squeeze in some images of the rooms and property areas if these are suitable with the layout design of your just sold postcard. Use a creative just sold postcard template so you can create free cards that are vibrant and interesting to look at.

12. Classic Just Sold Postcard Template

classic real estate just sold postcard Download

If you want to have a standard but still striking presentation of sold properties and other real estate details, try to use a classic just sold postcard template. The simplicity of a classic design can help you create a refined postcard look that can still grab the attention of your desired clients.

A just sold postcard is a simple and easy-to-create tool that can give your real estate business a relative advantage from your competition. Develop a just sold postcard anytime you want. Begin this undertaking by referring to the downloadable and printable just sold postcard template samples that we have collected and listed in the discussion above.

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