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17+ Church Bulletin Templates in PSD | InDesign

Very often church bulletin templates can be seen displayed in front of the churches, and it can communicate very effectively to the people coming to Church. Also, the church newsletter that can be used to communicate. A bulletin template is used as a means of communication in a church It is essential to follow a few steps systematically to make unique templates.

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7 Easy Steps to Create Impressive Church Bulletin Templates

 Step 1: Start with a welcome message

It is the first thing that a reader sees, and it should reflect the personality of a church. The welcoming language that is used should match with the activities of a church and should reflect the atmosphere prevailing at the Church. You should make sure that the welcoming message is engaging enough so that the viewers can get attracted to the same. Try implementing it and you will know the difference.

Step 2: Mention the order of worship

You can use a bold typeface for delineating the different parts related to the worship service. You can also mention briefly about the activities that are to be followed in a congregation. It will be a good idea to make use of Church Logos to make such templates look more attractive.  It will help in the segmentation of the work and will give the professional touch that you have been craving for.

Step 3: Include a monthly rolling calendar

All information related to the event for an entire month can be printed in the template with the brevity of messages and accurate information.  You can have a relook at your existing Church Flyers and find your ways to do it better.

Step 4: Incorporate the 5Ws in Church News

Ensure that all new should include an answer to 5W that is who, what, where, when, and why. You may also look at Sample Church Brochures to gain more experience and ideas that can help you immensely. Implementation of new ideas helps in brand orientation.

Step 5: Always maintain consistency

Your template design should have consistency in the use of layouts, fonts, and margins. It will be a perfect way to use the same spot for the same type of information, and you can have a look at the Christmas Brochures. Consistent quality is always helpful for business and brand enhancement.

Step 6: Use easy language free from Christian jargon

People sometimes make a mistake of using too many fonts in an attempt to impress people. It can overwhelm the eye and try to restrict the use of fonts within three types. The fonts should be readable, and each letter used should be distinct enough. Many designers recommend the use of san serif fonts for the headline, serif fonts for the body copy. You can see the sample of church letterheads and get an idea about the type of fonts.

Step 7: Use sufficient white space

Use of too much information may be unnecessary for a template, and it can unnecessarily make the things complicated. Use examples of an excellent catholic brochure and avoid the listing name of all staff members along with the tile of the staff members. Only those staff members should be selected who are needed for making contact.

17+ Church Bulletin Templates in PSD | InDesign

1. Printable Church Bulletin Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • MS Word


2. Church Bulletin Template

From these templates, you can get a fair idea of about the types of templates that you can design. Get it edited in photoshop and can help you to save in all file formats too. Even instant download can be done which is an incredible thing. Get it printed hassle free as well.

3. Church Bulletin Design

You can find various attractive design templates, and you can pick the right one for you. Separate spaces for different information inclusion. Get it in all file formats helping to save time and effort too.

4. Church Bulletin Template in PSD

This type of template comes in PSD format and can be very useful for announcing events, ceremonies, and other programs of the Church. Also, its design can be easily customized as per your desire. Get it downloaded instantly for use in a multifunctional manner.

5. Church Bulletin Design in PSD

You can also get an excellent design for the Church Bulleting in this PSD template. Easy customization and design edit can be done with the photoshop. The downloaded file can be saved instantly in all file format.

6. Bulletin Design for Church


You can get a collection of modern church template designs here. This bulletin template is just perfect to use readymade one and can save a lot of time too. All you have to do is to download it and it is easy to be used.

7. Church Bulletin Bifold Brochure

It is another example of making an excellent church template for using in any Church event. This template is superb with excellent designing of the bulletin. This can be done with easy customization and printing facilities.

8. Sample Church Bulletin Template

Here you can find beautiful samples of the church bulletin. The template is a superb option for any church bulletin and can give you an instant result. Get the template downloaded in any file format that you want to have.

9. Creative Church Bulletin Example

If you are looking for getting some creative ideas, you can find it here. This template is 100% verified which allows the user with the easy customization and instant download too. You can customize it according to convenience.

10. Standard Church Bulletin Template

It is a straightforward and standard design for a church template. This template comes with the option of impressive design that will surely catch the eye of the church visitors. Download this template now and just do some changes and you are ready with it.

11. Modern Church Bulletin Template

It incorporates modern church template aspects so that there can be a vintage outcome. The template is quite helpful as the customization option is very simple. Moreover, this template is quite suitable for beginners doing the task.

12. Church Bulletin Tri-Fold Template

Like the bi-fold designs, you can also have excellent tri-fold design templates. This tri-fold template is widely accepted as it can be instantly downloaded. Moreover, easy customization makes it acceptable to use it more!

13. Gospel Church Bulletin Example

A typical example of church template can be found here. This template can be downloaded easily by any beginners and can be used without any complex changes. Just put your information and get it ready to  be used.

14. Weekly Church Bulletin Template

Here, you can get an idea about the weekly templates that are used in churches. This weekly one is quite helpful as you can get the entire task done week-wise. Download the template in any file formats and customize the part you want to have.

15. Easter Church Bulletin Template

One of the best church templates can be found online that is trending. This is because it is easy to use, simple to customize and also instantly downloadable. Choose this template if you are looking for the bulletin for aster church.

16. Easter Church Bulletin Sample

You can also look for excellent samples that can make your job easier. This excellent template is 100% verified with all file formats and sizes too. Most importantly this can help in getting the easy designs on it.

17. Simple Church Bulletin Template

These simple templates use a minimalistic design to convey the essentials beautifully. The template is quite helpful by making it instantly downloadable and also supports all file formats too. That makes it multifunctional by nature.

18. Church Bulletin Cover Template


You can have these templates in PSD format too and can use it for different weeks. Get it downloaded instantly and you will surely love it for its new features. It is easy to use and can be used for multipurpose agenda as well.

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