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Church Templates

What are Church Programs?

Church programs will involve faith-based activities and events. Just like any other organization, church programs or groups will create simple activity lists that allow participants to learn more about their religions, as well as learn more things about themselves. Church programs have various activities that allow them to open up with other people.... Read More

church itinerary

11+ Church Itinerary Templates in PDF | DOC

Church communal worships are generally held with a group of people, exclusively on Sundays and Saturdays for special occasions. The people are gathered together in the place of worship and taught about the gospels of God, held by the Minister. Church Itinerary is a formal written document where these services are planned to inform the people about the time schedule. Church services may also include tailored tours led by experienced tour scholar guide form start to finish.

10+ Church Donation Receipt Templates in PDF | DOC

There is a need for the receipt whenever church donation is made or given. This donation receipt works as the proof for the donation made for the church. From a certain amount of the donation, it is better to give the receipt. It is better from your end to give a donation receipt to the doners. For proof, you can keep the canceled check and the statement. The church receipt templates are for the donation purpose to be given to the doners.

10+ Church Contribution Statement Templates in PDF

Charity is a noble action and most of the people do it for the cause of mankind. As part of the church board, you understand how contribution statements help motivate more donors and work for charity. When people are appreciated, they feel encouraged to continue donating to charitable institutions. With the help of ready-made statement templates, you can now easily draft multiple contribution statements without any hassle.

10+ Church Strategic Plan Templates in Google Docs | Word | Pages | PDF

Taking meaningful and purposive actions is an expression of faith. It could be small acts of generosity or large organizational matters. The faithful commits favorable actions for his or her God, and managing His house is one of those duties. Thus, keeping the ministries alive and spending ample time for their preservation and expansion are church essentials to sustain itself. So gather the believers who have vision and commitment for God’s glory and let His manifestation radiate in His house. Start planning with the Lord as your inspiration and the Holy Spirit as your guide. The fate of the congregations’ faith rests in your divinely inspired and well-grounded plans!

15+ Church Magazine Templates in InDesign | Word | Pages | Publisher

“Go forth and make disciples.” This line is the most popular bible verse for discipleship and evangelism. Spreading the word and expanding the fold are part of the mission of being a believer and a member of the church. Doing the bidding of the Lord is a noble task, and there are many ways to do so. Some still use the old style of home visits and or setting up simple chit chats at a cafe. But the development of the media is an advantage for evangelism. Original features and compelling write-ups in a magazine can also do the job. Start being a contemporary evangelist by using the modern approaches of information dissemination through a magazine sample.