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Sometimes we seek for things that go against the norm, things that in a way stand out from the usual. It is inevitable to get tired of what it is we are accustomed to, what we have been always going for. True as in the case of cards, when we get so bored of the common card that we usually see— a single paper card, we look for variations that are both enticing and exciting. That is why there are folded card options; an option for those who prefer to get mystified and surprised. An option that provides ample opportunity for creativity. You may also see quarter fold card templates.

A folded card is definitely a not-the-usual option when it comes to cards. As at times people mostly prefer a more direct, to the point option. But, a folded card is one that is truly beautiful as it gives the receiver a kind of thrill, something unexpected; we all want to be surprised and a folded card just does that. This type of card is perfect for any event, may it be a birthday, a wedding, even as a business card. With that said, here is a list of templates you can use when you plan to go for a folded card on your next event.

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Sample Folded Business Card

sample folded business card 788x524

Mybook Pro Folded Business Card Template

mybook pro folded business card template

Folded Coupon Card Template

folded coupon card template2

A3 Real Estate Brochure Template

a3 real estate brochure template 788x522

Why Should You Opt for Premade Folded Card Templates?

Templates for premade folded cards come in various designs. There are designs perfect for birthday parties, weddings, even business cards. With premade templates, you are offered templates that might be in parallel to your preference; which also have the same effectivity as having it custom made by a professional graphics artist. Speaking of having it custom made, acquiring the help of a professional graphics artist comes with advantages and disadvantages that might make you want to reconsider the option.

The advantage of opting to have your cards custom made is it will be tailor-made just for you, which will also give you control to how you want the design elements to be. But, choosing to have it custom made comes with a hefty price since there are factors being taken into account. As such is the endless consultations that transpire before actually creating your card, there is also the number of hours a graphics artist worked on your designs. So, there is an inevitable possibility for these professional graphics artists fees to skyrocket. Comparing it to simply buying a premade template wherein all it takes is a few dollars and few easy steps to materialize your own card for any purpose you intend to use it too.

These different cards that are available online can be easily acquired in a few simple steps. The first step is simply choosing a design from an array of option that resonates with you, is in parallel with your preference, or best represents you as an individual. Once you have made up your mind with what design to go for, the second step is to pay for it through modes of payment available; there are credit or debit cards or you can simply do it through PayPal. After making your purchase, you then proceed to download your design on your personal computer. After doing so, the next step will be to start with the editing of your design to your preference.

Premade folded card templates not only allow you to save money, but it also enables you to save time especially from a lot of trials and errors. Which can only mean that editing does not take too much time and mistakes are at a minimum since it is premade; designs are ideally laid out for you by how the graphics artist initially intended it to look like (which also serve as a guide to where you put design elements and texts). Premade folded card templates or anything pre-made in general does not require you to have an extensive knowledge of design software, basic knowledge can also get you far. To also note, premade templates are heaven sent to those individuals who do not want to endure the exhausting process of going back and forth to a professional graphics artist.

Premade folded card templates are perfect for any event or occasion. Its mystifying characteristic is one of its beauty and asset as it lets the people who receive such feel a kind of thrill before fully opening the card. It is able to elicit an excitement that the usual single-piece cards cannot. And, there is a power in every folded card you hand out as it can make or break your event, your business, your image, or for whatever intent it is you plan to use it for. You may also see quarter fold cards.

Folded Menu Card Sample

folded menu card

Elegant Food Menu Card

elegant food menu card 788x524

Folded Invitation Card

folded invitation card 788x580

Folded Greeting Card

folded greeting card 788x524

What are the Things to Consider for a Premade Folded Card?

There are things one must consider when trying to go for a folded card. These reasons help in the decision-making with why one must opt for a folded card.

1. Purpose

Folded cards can be used for various reasons. And, when you decide to go for one, the intent must be clear with what you are using it for. It can be used as invitations for your birthday parties or wedding events, or even as a business card for your professional career. The idea here is, folded cards are so versatile and that they adapt to whatever nature or intent you plan to use it for.

2. Theme

Whatever intent you are using your folded card for, a theme is paramount. May it is for birthday invitations or business cards, a theme will just simply help in wrapping the whole idea. To note, this factor is what really drives the decision in terms of what design to go for folded cards. For example: for birthday invitations, when one wishes to do a girly themed birthday party they will just simply look for folded cards that can work as an invitation with girl designs (i.e color pink, polka dots, princess images, and so on).

3. Price

Premade folded cards generally cost a lot less than its counterpart which is by having it custom made. This option of going premade is an ideal choice for individuals for different reasons. First, if you are planning to use it for your parties, it is a great way to cut down on the expenses considering the expense of the party usually skyrockets. Second, if planned to use as a cool business card it will just ultimately help you save money because acquiring the help of a professional graphics artist can really cost a lot.

4. Easy to Make

Premade options are actually easy to make. Considering that they come in a file that is easy to edit and customize. At times, they come with a smart object layer that enables a person to move around elements of the design. Also, knowing that premade templates are initially done by the designer, there is already a layout once you plan to use the design. You just simply have to follow where designs or texts should be placed. You may also see greeting card examples.

5. Editable and Customizable

Premade folded cards are all generally editable and customizable. Knowing that you are given ample freedom and avenue to showcase your creativity, edit and customize to the most of it. Everything is editable including the necessary basic information, the images, the photos, the texts, and even the colors. You may also see greeting card designs.

6. Size

Cards have different sizes and it does matter when you want to consider the handiness of one. Depending for what purpose you are planning to use a folded card, each type has its own standard size: invitation or greeting cards are usually in A7 that is 5 1/4 by 7 1/4, business cards are 3 1/2 by 2 inches, and menu cards are usually 11 by 8 inches. Although, it is fine to go beyond or within the standard dimensions of these cards.

Christmas Invitations Card

christmas invitations card1

Christmas Greeting Card Template

christmas greeting card template 788x591

Conference Invitation Card Template

conference invitation card template

Invitation/Greeting Card Mock-Up

invitation greeting card mock up 788x524

Beauty Meetings Business Card

beauty meetings business card1

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