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When we go to bookstores, the most enticing books that we pick out from the shelf are usually those with covers that are very creative that they stand out from the rest of the books. Creative book covers are what usually captures the attention of people, and it should always be that way since the book covers help in setting the tone of the book. Some authors provide a more concrete presentation of their book on their covers, while some also do in a rather abstract fashion, taking advantage of the symbolism.

But whatever the theme of your book may be, it should be able to captivate viewers at first glance, making it desirable for them to get a hold of your book. But that is just the first step, the content of the book has to be worth reading and should keep readers wanting to keep flipping the pages to unfold more of the story. You may also see sample magazine cover templates.

If you are in need of an inspiration for the cover page of your new book, then we have them right here for you. Below are various samples and mockups of creative book cover designs that we have gathered from all over the internet. We actually had to pick out the most outstanding ones from among the piles of highly creative book covers. You may go ahead and scroll down to see our collection of book cover designs.

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Professional Book Cover Template

professional book cover template Free Download

Vintage Book Cover Template to Print

vintage book cover template to print Free Download

Whether you’re writing an instructional book or something that people can read in order to have a more positive outlook on life, there are various ways on which you can motivate people through reading. If that is the type of book that you are writing, then you may want to use the book cover design template above for your life-changing book.

Vintage Movie Magazine Photoshop Book Cover Design

vintage movie magazine photoshop book cover design

Creative Portrait Illustration Book Cover Template

creative portrait illustration book cover template

Creative Silhouette Book Cover Template

creative silhouette book cover template

If you’ve read a lot of Stephen King, Mary Shelley, or any famous horror books written by world-renowned authors, and you’ve got one good horror-themed story that you’d want to write, go ahead. Who knows? People might find your book just as spine-tingling as those that are widely popular. If you’re up for the challenge, it would only be appropriate for you to make use of a terrifying cover design for your book as well, and the template above may fit perfectly with the tone of your book.

Symbols Pattern Creative Book Cover Template

symbols pattern creative book cover template

Looking for something simplistic and highly versatile? Then look no more. Above is a simple, symbolic, and artistic book cover design that can be used for various purposes. Whether you are writing a textbook, a novel or any fiction or non-fiction literature, the cover template above can be edited to suit your purpose. With your graphics editing tool, simply change the symbols and the color scheme of the design to fit the tone or the type of book that you are writing, all while keeping the look of the cover as simple as it can be.

Road Beauty Creative Book Cover Template

road beauty creative book cover template

Lampshade Creative Book Cover Template

lampshade creative book cover template

Businesses also make use of books in order to sell their products, and these are actually different from catalogs or booklet-styled brochures because these books actually consist of more pages. But the thing is, these books showcase various products being offered by these businesses, all with their corresponding prices and descriptions. If you are one of those businesses that is trying to market your products through books, then let us show you how you can design the cover of your book. However, to save you a lot of time, you may also want to download this book cover template as well.

Creative Rustic Cover Book Template

creative rustic cover book template

Creative Children’s Book Cover Template

creative childrens book cover template

If you’re planning on writing a kid’s book, then you should definitely check out the cover design above. From the way those character illustrations are done, you can already assure yourself that children will find this book entertaining for their age. Whether you’re writing a story book or an educational book, this book cover template will the perfect choice, guaranteed. You may also see album cover templates.

Foggy Woods Creative Book Cover Template

foggy woods creative book cover template

Downward Colors Creative Book Cover Template

downward colors creative book cover template

In businesses, we are already aware that the staff makes monthly reports on the progress of their sales to determine whether they are actually making a profit. At the end of the year, they combine all these reports into one whole book which is referred to as an annual report book. Basically, this book is used for keepina g record on the ups and downs of the company and what interventions were done to fix losses. Just like regular books, annual report books will still need to utilize a cover page simply for presentation purposes, and the sample above may be what you need. For reference purposes, you may also want to check out our collection of book report formats.

Big Typographic Creative Book Cover Template

big typographic creative book cover template

Annual Report Creative Book Cover Template

annual report creative book cover template

Spiral Clouds Creative Book Cover Template

spiral clouds creative book cover template

Company Report Creative Book Cover Template

company report creative book cover template

Now that you have reached the end of this article, were we able to help you out in providing inspiration for your book’s cover? We hope so. The cover page designs here were designed by professional artists who know very well how to create something that would be very enticing to people. You can take notes from those designs and take into consideration how they made use of both their graphical and textual elements, and how they were able to balance them in order not to make the design look cluttered.

However, if you are looking for something that can save you a lot of time and effort, then you can also go with the downloadable book cover design templates available in this article. This too, have been designed by talented graphic artists who made sure to provide high quality content for their clients. These templates are fully editable, which means you don’t have to worry about hindrances to your book covers, and these templates can be downloaded for a very reasonable price. Now that we have made those clear, it’s time for you to start working on that book cover now.

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