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16+ Book Covers in Illustrator | InDesign | Word | Pages | PSD | Publisher describes a book cover as a protective covering used to bind together the pages of a book. Though its function is still a necessity, book cover plays a significant role in the market. But how? Through its attractive cover. conducted a study wherein they invited self-published authors to redesign their book covers. As a result, there was a 35% increase in the marketability of books with professional covers. Colorful and unique book covers can create an impact on the human eye, especially that humans are visual beings. It entices readers to open the pages of the book due to the magnetic and attractive illustration of the cover. [bb_toc content=”][/bb_toc]

19+ Real Estate Facebook Cover Templates in PSD | DOC

Social media is a highly powerful medium via which many businesses are proceeding towards success. Facebook is one of the most popular sites that realtors often use to reach out to more traffics and audiences, and this is exactly where the real estate advertising banners come into play.

10+ Best Medical Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Being a medical venture, it is quite evident that you need to fax over important documents to several important recipients, customers, doctors and several other clinics, alike. When you send over important medical documents, it is crucial that you send it with a proper fax cover sheet, to protect the documents and to place your emblem and ownership over the sheet documents. Medical fax cover sheets are also important if you are sending over business documents relating to medicine.

How to Make a Fantasy Book Cover [8+ Templates]

In order to thrive in the cutthroat self-publishing industry, aspiring authors and writers, need to equip themselves with the right skillset. One such skill is knowing what to look for when choosing book cover designs. In this article, we will teach you how to do that through a how-to guide and by curating multiple fantasy book cover templates.

9+ Fax Cover Templates in Apple Pages

What most people forget is that sending a fax can be faster than sending emails. When uploading high-resolution images, it often takes too much time. Emails also have a limit on how much data can be sent at a given time. Fax, however, can be a quicker and more efficient alternative.