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11+ Vintage Book Cover Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, ID, Pages, Publisher, PDF

Books have existed for a long time already. They are written to entertain and enlighten people’s minds. Over time, these books have raised in value and are considered vintage. These books are rare and hard to find in this world where books have gone digital. Vintage books are stored in libraries for preservation purposes and historical references.

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The covers of vintage books look really beautiful and attractive. These covers are made of good materials. You can also have your own digital version of a vintage book cover. If you want to know more about it, just go over our collection to get an idea. You may also see book cover designs.

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Vintage Wattpad Book Cover

Free Vintage Book Cover Template

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Vintage Soft Cover Book Mock-up

Vintage Book Cover Sample

Vintage and Antique Book Cover

Things to Remember While Designing the Cover

Designing a vintage book cover requires patience, hard work and a keen eye for details. It is a challenging kind of design since the details are kind of intricate. Always take note of the typography. Use attractive fonts to get the attention of the readers. Cursive fonts are best used for this kind of book cover. For the colors, it’s best to avoid using the bright ones. Go for a more somber tone but not too dark. You may also see sci-fi book cover templates.

Check if your editing applications still work. You will need Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for this. And lastly, be patient in designing. There’s no formula for it. Use your judgment in deciding the final cut of the design.

What Makes a Book Vintage

A book is considered vintage for a number of reasons. One primary factor is time. When a book is written from centuries back, it is considered vintage these days. It is an important piece of work that withstood the test of time. Another thing that makes a book vintage is its importance. This is a common trend in literature. When a book is really important and has made an impact on the society in the year it was written, it gets the status of vintage as time goes by. The stories written in the book can increase its value. This also applies to books that discuss history and science. It holds importance when the book changes history and gives us a scientific breakthrough. You may also see book cover design templates.

The design of the book also matters in making it a vintage one. If the cover is designed by a famous designer, the value of the book increases manifold. The materials used are also valuable and can increase the value of the book. How the design looks also matter. You may also see eBook cover designs.

If the book is owned by a celebrity or someone close to the author, it becomes valuable. The prior owners are deemed as important for the book’s quality and capacity to be sold. It is important to prove the ownership of the book before it gets some value. When a book is in good value, it is given a value as long as it can be read and does not bear any stain. You may also see PSD book cover designs.

Another factor for a book to be called a vintage is the signature attached to it. When there are a signature and dedications made by the author himself, the book gains more value. As long as it is genuine and authentic, the book can get by on itself. The number of copies a book has can also affect its value. If it is really rare, a book is already considered a vintage. You may also see free novel book cover template.

Lastly, a book is called a vintage when it is the very first of its many editions. It is a must-have for collectors to get the book no matter what it takes. The first edition always gives a rare feeling of happiness to the collector. You may also see social media book cover.

Vintage Book Cover Template

Medieval Book Cover Template

Vintage Book Cover Bundle

Purpose of a Book Cover

Book covers exist for a number of reasons. Primarily, it covers and protects the books from any outside force from destroying the book. The cover is the sales pitch of the entire book. A striking cover is a something publishers gun for when selling a book. However, these are the other reasons why book covers are important. You may also see small book cover template.

1. To Attract Attention

Book covers attract the attention of the readers the first time they see a book. Make sure your cover is attractive enough for the readers to pick your book and see what is written inside. It’s the first thing they see. While making up a concept for the book cover, it should encapsulate the overall thought of the whole book. It could also be the one thing that represents the story of the book as a whole. You may also see professional book cover template.

2. To Exude Originality

Readers won’t bother reading a book that they already know. Therefore, the cover should exude originality and make readers feel that they are reading a worthy and original material. It should be something that readers would take a chance on and enjoy when they begin reading it. You may also see wattpad book cover templates.

3. To Create a Raw Concept

The cover of the book should create a raw concept in the reader’s mind on how the characters and setting look like, and that might include how the plot goes as well. With a striking cover, the readers begin to formulate their own flow of the plot before reading the story. A book cover should evoke this kind of emotion to its readers. A badly designed cover hurts the sales of the book. It won’t gain the attention it needs. It will take away their excitement in reading the book. You may also see love book cover templates.

4. To Reach a Certain Market

Book covers are not just designed the way they are because of the designer’s call. A big factor in coming up with these is to reach the intended target market of the book. If it is a young adult book, it features faces of teenagers or things teenagers can relate to. If it is a book for adults, it contains some stuff only adults understand. For children’s books, it is full of colors and youthfulness to gain the children’s interest. It all matters in the design of the book. You may also see photo autobiography book cover templates.

5. To Connect with the Readers Emotionally

The book cover has the power to evoke as many emotions at once. Designers have to come up with a book cover that will make the readers smile, sympathize and love it all at the same time. Somehow, there has to be an emotional connection that eventually draws the interest of the readers in reading the book. You may also see a novel book cover templates.

A book, no matter how old or new, still deserves to be read. Books record many things and events that speak to us as a person and how our society works as a whole. You may also see nonfiction book cover templates.

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