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Giving away flyers is one way of marketing on the field. There could be an upcoming event soon that’s worth promoting or there could be a markdown of products at a store opening in the next block within the next couple of months, all these possibilities are made known to public through flyers. You may also see flyer samples.

535+ FREE FLYER Templates - Download Now Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator

Flyers do most of the selling instead of people actually trying their best to be fluent with sales talk. There are definitely so many advantages and uses of flyer nowadays since it makes promotion of just about anything a lot more convenient and easier. If you’re interested in creating flyers for your own products and services, you may want to make use of flyer templates that we offer on this page.

Modern Business Flyer Template

modern business flyer templates
File Format
  • AI
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Apple Pages
  • PSD
  • Publisher

Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


IT Business Flyer Template

it business flyer
File Format
  • AI
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Apple Pages
  • PSD
  • Publisher

Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


Business Flyer Template

business flyer1
File Format
  • AI
  • Apple Pages
  • Ms Word
  • Publisher
  • PSD

Size: US inches + Bleed

Free Download

Business Conference Flyer Template

business conference flyer1
File Format
  • AI
  • Apple Pages
  • Ms Word
  • PSD
  • Publisher

Size: US inches + Bleed

Free Download

Car Wash Business Flyer Template

car wash business flyer template 1x
File Format
  • AI
  • Apple Pages
  • Publisher
  • PSD
  • Ms Word

Size: US inches + Bleed

Free Download

Business Event Flyer Template

business event flyer template 1x
File Format
  • Ms Word
  • PSD
  • AI
  • Publisher
  • Apple Pages

Size: US inches + Bleed

Free Download

Business Open House Flyer Template

business open house flyer template 1x
File Format
  • PSD
  • AI
  • Publisher
  • Ms Word
  • Publisher

Size: US inches + Bleed

Free Download

Real Estate Business Flyer Template

real estate business flyer template 1x
File Format
  • AI
  • Publisher
  • PSD
  • Ms Word
  • Apple Pages

Size: US inches + Bleed

Free Download

Multi Purpose Business Flyer Template

multi purpose business flyer 1x
File Format
  • AI
  • Publisher
  • PSD
  • Ms Word
  • InDesign

Size: US inches + Bleed

Free Download

Small Business Flyer Templates


sample small business flyer1 Download

Small Business Marketing Flyer

small business marketing flyer2 Download

Free Small Business Flyer

free small business flyer1 Download

Free Business Flyer Templates

Free Business Services Flyer

free cleaning business flyer1 Download

Free Business Advertising Flyer

free business advertising flyer3 Download

Free Business Event Flyer

free business event flyer4 Download

Free Printable Business Flyer

free printable business flyer2 Download

Business Flyer Templates in PSD

Free Business Flyer in PSD

free business flyer psd1 Download

Photography Business Flyer in PSD

photography business flyer psd Download

Corporate Business Flyer in PSD

corporate business flyer psd Download

Business Promotion Flyer in PSD

business promotion flyer psd Download

Multipurpose Business Flyer Templates

Multipurpose Business Flyer in InDesign

indesign multipurpose business flyer2 Download

Multipurpose Corporate Business Flyer

multipurpose corporate business flyer2 Download

Free Multipurpose Business Flyer

free multipurpose business flyer1 Download

Business Event Flyer Templates

Business Networking Event Flyer

business networking event flyer4 Download

Business Event Planning Flyer

business event planning flyer2 Download

Business Event Flyer and Poster

business event flyer poster3 Download

Business Meeting Flyer Template

Free Business Meeting Flyer

free business meeting flyer1 Download

Advantages of Flyers

You would totally agree that flyers have a great impact of advertising on almost every product you could think of. This has got to be the simplest and easiest way for a product to be known to its market.

At some point you just have to distribute flyers to your target market and next thing you’ll know, consumers would already be heading to your stores the following day.

Flyers are one way of showcasing a simple and strong marketing strategy. Just by creating with the right blend of attractive colors and convincing images, you are halfway done with convincing people to try your products.

A list below will give you more advantages of flyers:

  • Simple and easy to read. Pieces of advertisement papers are pretty simple compared to a magazine. Right? Flyers aren’t made up of so many pages and certainly, your attention span will never run out that quickly. Unlike magazines, flyers get you to the advertisement right away. You wouldn’t have to read so much in that way and you are automatically directed to where your attention should be.
  • Cheap. A bulk load of pieces of paper and one time printing wouldn’t really hurt. Advertising through flyers is much cheaper than other means. It also doesn’t cost you much for just one design since it would only be reproduced as it gets distributed in different areas. Corporations know how much they could save by advertising through flyers and this will be something they would prefer to make use of other than expensive commercials on television.
  • Easy to produce. You could run out of flyers anytime but businesses do not really worry on this matter since another advantage of flyer advertisements is that it is easy to produce. You wouldn’t even require a professional to work on your flyer designs, simple information that’s readable is surely considered sold to whoever reads it.
  • Quick and responsive feedback. Thought not all consumers respond to these types of advertisements, flyers make it to a point of retaining information on someone who has read through the flyer. Information sure is difficult to unlearn and it would also be hard to forget as people start to associate your products to other consumer needs. This way, flyers are helping out your businesses sell from first hand information to various other means. Either way, it still gets to people.

Now that you’ve known of some advantages, why don’t you give this type of advertising a try? You could even check out these fashion flyer templates and event flyer templates and see for yourself how giving away flowers could be so effective.

Distribution of Flyers

You might just think of the most common way to distribute flyers is through giving to passersby on busy streets. Well, that is undeniably one way of distributing it but there are still other modes of giving away flyers and disseminating information.

Apart from handing out your flyers in public, you could also

  • pin flyers on bulletin boards,
  • do house-to-house delivery,
  • attach to car windshields, or
  • send virtual flyers via email.

The main goal is to reach out to your audience, and it doesn’t matter how they got it or how you distributed it. What matters is that they got the message. There could also be a possibility of these people’s participation in the events or help in the information dissemination as well.

Business Open House Flyer Template

Sample Business Open House Flyer

sample business open house flyer Download

Cleaning Business Flyer Templates

Marketing Cleaning Business Flyer

marketing cleaning business flyer1 Download

Cleaning Business Flyer Sample

cleaning business flyer sample2 Download

Cleaning Business Flyer Design

cleaning business flyer design5 Download

Professional Cleaning Business Flyer

professional and cleaning business flyer1 Download

Corporate Cleaning Business Flyer

corporate cleaning business flyer1 Download

Corporate Business Flyer Templates

Free Corporate Business Flyer

free corporate business flyer1 Download

Modern Corporate Business Flyer

modern corporate business flyer3 Download

Business Consulting Flyer Templates

Business Solutions Consulting Flyer

business solutions consulting flyer1 Download

Corporate Business Consulting Flyer

corporate business consulting flyer2 Download

Marketing Consulting Business Flyer

marketing consulting business flyer2 Download

Business Flyer Template in Photoshop

Free Business Flyer Template in Photoshop

free photoshop business flyer1 Download

Professional Business Flyer Templates

Free Professional Business Flyer

free professional business flyer2 Download

Creative Professional Business Flyer

creative professional business flyer2 Download

Professional Modern Business Flyer

professional modern business flyer3

Product Sheet Business Flyer

product sheet business flyer

A5 Business Flyer Templates

A5 Corporate Business Flyer

corporate a5 business flyer1 Download

A4 Business Flyer Templates

A4 Business Flyer Template in PSD

a4 business flyer psd1 Download

Multipurpose A4 Business Flyer

multipurpose a4 business flyer1 Download

Business Promotion Flyer Templates

Sample Business Promotion Flyer

sample business promotion flyer2 Download

Deluxe Spa Business Promotion Flyer

deluxe spa business promotion flyer2 Download

Minimal Business Promotion Flyer

minimal business promotion flyer3 Download

Beauty Salon Business Promotion Flyer

beauty salon business promotion flyer2 Download

Fitness/Gym Business Promotion Flyer

fitness gym business promotion flyer Download

Business Product Flyer Templates

Business Product Promotional Flyer

business product promotional flyer3 Download

Business Product Marketing Flyer

business product marketing flyer3 Download

Business Training Flyer Templates

Business Training Agency Flyer

business training agency flyer Download

Corporate Business Training Flyer

corporate business training flyer Download

The Many Uses for Flyers

It doesn’t have to be about business all the time. There are so many other uses for flyers that will give you so many ideas in your next events and parties. Below are examples of versatile uses of flyers:

  • Promote websites of flyer designers. These designers surely deserve more than just recognition for their well done flyers. While you’re distributing flyers for a certain product, you could also make use of some space where you could include a bit of information regarding your flyer designers. In that way, you are perfectly hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.
  • Party promotion. Take all your information to social media as you distribute flyers for party promotions. Your party could be trending online just because you gave away flyers beforehand. The goal is to keep the information circulating and that it is important that both flyers and social media advertisements both work good hand in hand. See masquerade party flyers and pick out designs for a party you might attend soon.
  • Encourage participation. You could come up with competition shows that are worth free admission and have it advertised through flyers. This will make all your guests giddy about your treats. Flyers can definitely be used to encourage participation in magic shows, competitions, gatherings, and whole lot more.
  • Ask for donation. Flyers could also come as forms of solicitation for a particular event. You may also want to raise awareness for a particular cause and add information or even just an overview of it. Some would include contact details for donation and other details for them to share more regarding the such movement or advocacy.
  • Trade shows and conferences. At times when numbers matter, the best way to attain it is through flyers. Encourage attendance to your shows and conferences by giving away informative and convincing flyers to a target audience. You might also want to call out the attention of all those who may greatly benefit and surely, flyers would be able to reach them.
  • Community events. Your community might be huge enough to just disseminate announcements through smaller means. When you use flyers for theses types of events, you reach out to people who aren’t even interested or does not know a thing about what’s going on. A flyer goes out a long way most especially to those who aren’t internet-savvy people. While they aren’t able to check information online, at least flyers give them the same amount of information.
  • Holiday event promotions. Holiday are busy days for most people. It is considered a peak season to different businesses since the market it bigger during these times. Flyers will have to update people on upcoming events and remind those whoever wants to participate and take part in the activities they have prepared. Flyers will be a great way of reminding people beforehand and giving them some time to prepare.
  • Restaurant offers. Flyers are used by most restaurants to make general announcements on their promos and discounts regarding their food and other treats. Perhaps they could host up a free tasting event and you would not want to miss it, do you? Flyers could be something helpful to inform you of the different events that could take place. Sometimes restaurants also use flyers to inform people of their change in location so better yet be informed.

Business Anniversary Flyer Templates

Business Anniversary Invitation Flyer

business anniversary invitation flyer Download

Business Anniversary Flyer in PSD

business anniversary flyer psd Download

Business Advertisement Flyer Templates

Free Business Advertisement Flyer

free business advertisement flyer Download

Business Event Advertisement Flyer

business event advertisement flyer Download

Business Marketing Flyer Templates

Business Solution Marketing Flyer

business solution marketing flyer1 Download

E-Marketing Business Flyer

e marketing business flyer Download

Free Business Marketing Flyer

free business marketing flyer1 Download

Business Services Flyer Templates

Business Services Flyer Design

business services flyer design2 Download

Beauty Spa Business Services Flyer

beauty spa business services flyer Download

Business Seminar Flyer Templates

Business Seminar Event Flyer

business seminar event flyer1 Download

Sample Business Flyer Template

Sample Business Promotion Flyer

sample business promotion flyer1 Download

Free Sample Business Flyer

free sample business flyer Download

Business Announcement Flyer Sample

sample business announcement flyer1 Download

Sample Business Grand Opening Flyer

sample business grand opening flyer Download

Blank Business Flyer Templates

Free Blank Business Flyer

free blank business flyer Download

Blank Business Flyer Design

blank business flyer design Download

The Many Uses of Flyers (cont’d)

  • Rallies. Activists and other organizations write down all their possible causes as to why they rally. They give away flyers for information and awareness on a certain issue. They would want to make it known to the public that there is something that they stand for. Flyers for this matter could contains of their beliefs and values in varying circumstances.
  • Business coupons. One reason why consumers wouldn’t flock to your stores is that your prices are quite high for them to consider. So when you give away coupons in forms of flyers, you are actually informing the public of your store’s great discounts.
  • Inventory promotions. You could actually showcase your all your products in one flyer. You do not only include a list in your flyers, you could also include pictures. Flyers are of great help most especially when the products on your list are out on big discounts. It is much easier for consumers to choose on which ones they would buy as all your products are presented in one flyer. It would be a lot easier to compare on sizes and prices as well.
  • School courses promotion. The entire school might have various courses to offer and there might be specific departments that offer courses you might like. This way, you could only pick on those flyers that contain all the information that you need. Information about any course could be made available in flyers and this could also be the school’s one way of separating interests in the different courses.

By this time, you sure are now convinced about several creative uses of flyers. You wouldn’t have even realized it until you’ve read it here. Looking for the perfect layout on your flyers? Check out these party flyer templates and more samples of business flyers to make flyers useful for all occasions.

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