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When it comes to getting the word around, there is nothing better in getting the job done than flyers. Flyers are usually a great choice when it comes to promoting and advertising a certain event or business. If you are looking to hold a special occasion soon or if your current situation demands you to create some invitation designs, here are some perfect invitation flyer templates for you to choose from.

535+ FREE FLYER Templates - Download Now Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator

If you are looking for just regular flyer samples, you may also check out our many lists of flyer templates and many more here on Template.net.

Wedding Invitation Flyer Template

wedding invitation flyer template1
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 8.5×11 Inches + Bleed


Classy Christmas Invitation Flyer Template

classy christmas invitation flyer template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher


Confetti Wedding Invitation Template

confetti wedding invitation template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher


Sample Invitation Flyer

invitation flyer template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher


Simple Wedding Party Invitation Flyer

simple wedding party invitation flyer template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher


Fitness Gym Grand Opening Flyer

fitness gym grand opening flyer
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher


Premium Halloween Party Invitation Flyer

free premium halloween party invitation flyer
File Format
  • Photoshop

Free Download

Christmas Invitation Flyer Template

free christmas invitation flyer template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher
  • Pages

Free Download

Merry Christmas Invitation Flyer Template

free merry christmas invitation flyer template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher
  • Pages

Free Download

Free Supreme Thanksgiving Invitation Flyer

free supreme thanksgiving invitation flyer
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher
  • Pages

Free Download

Retirement Party Invitation Flyer Templates

Formal Retirement Invitation Flyer

formal retirement invitation flyer Download

Military Retirement Invitation Flyer

military retirement invitation flyer Download

Birthday Invitation Flyer Templates

Birthday Bash Invitation Flyer

birthday bash invitation flyer Download

Birthday Party Invitation Flyer

birthday party invitation flyer2 Download

Event Invitation Flyer Templates

School Event Invitation Flyer

school event invitation flyer2 Download

Corporate Event Invitation Flyer

corporate event invitation flyer Download

Golf Event Invitation Flyer

golf event invitation flyer Download

Holiday Invitation Flyer Templates

Holiday Party Invitation Flyer

holiday party invitation flyer2 Download

Open House Holiday Invitation Flyer

open house holiday invitation flyer Download

Christmas Holiday Invitation Flyer

christmas holiday invitation flyer Download

Business Invitation Flyer Templates

Modern Business Invitation Flyer

modern business invitation flyer Download

Professional Business Invitation Flyer

professional business invitation flyer Download

Business Anniversary Invitation Flyer

anniversary business invitation flyer Download

What Are Flyers?

In the most basic description, flyers are printed advertisements. They are both diverse and effective. Flyers are commonly distributed and handed out, which make them sufficient in terms of information. There are also other different methods in spreading flyers around. You can deliver them through door-to-door mail, handouts from people, or posting them on surfaces such as walls and posts. When creating flyers, they are usually printed on paper which can be pasted easily on flat surfaces or given away.

What Are They Good For?

Since it is now clear that flyers have an extended amount of exposure and purpose, it is recommended to learn more about their capabilities when it comes to advertising or promoting. They can come and be used for a vast variety of occasions. They can be used as sales flyers, marketing flyers, events flyers, and even party flyers. For an extended overview on their importance, here is a brief list of their many uses:

  • Promoting businesses. Flyers can be used to help create exposure on the company’s products and services. This also gives great marketing coverage on consumers and potential customers. They will even recognize the brand and company.
  • Event advertisement. When organizing for parties and events, flyers are a good way to go. They can be handed out to practically anyone, personally invited or not. Flyers inform the receivers regarding the details, such as the specified time and venue. Great as an invitation for
  • Political uses. Yes, you heard right, flyers can even be used by politicians or political parties in convincing the general public in voting for them. Flyers are mostly handed out before and during elections.
  • Fact sheets. Flyers can also be intended as an information sheet, which is typically given to people who are attending events such as, conventions, and conferences.
  • General advertisement. Most commonly, flyers are used in advertising both local and international brands and markets.

Why Use Flyers?

Flyers are great for informing a vast amount of people practically about anything. They can be used for business purposes or given as invitations. With the variety of targets, flyers can easily achieve exposure and information. To help you widen your perspective on the topic, here is a short list of those who can benefit from the aid of flyers:

  • Companies or businesses. Perfect for exposing products and services.
  • Individuals. Examples of this are celebrities or DJs who will be making an appearance at a certain event or occasion.
  • Nonprofit organizations. Examples of this are charities and fund raisers.
  • Politicians and political parties. Flyers distributed in political rallies or primaries help spread a party’s platform and plans.
  • Establishments. Restaurants and pubs are common examples.

Flyers are no doubt a go-to option for marketers because of their low-cost production. Printing a ton of flyers may seem expensive, but on the contrary, it is actually budget friendly. Making flyers is worth every penny due to how effectively easy it is to pass them around and give to the general public. Usually, flyers can be seen being handed out for events like parties and concerts. Night clubs also receive great exposure through this, especially when the establishment is hosting something special such as guest DJs and appearances of famous figures.

For more flyer-related templates, you may also check out our list of printable flyer templates that we offer on our website here on Template.net.

Church Invitation Flyer Templates

Church Conference Invitation Flyer

church conference invitation flyer Download

Catholic Church Invitation Flyer

catholic church invitation flyer Download

Rehearsal Church Invitation Flyer

rehearsal church invitation flyer1


Dinner Invitation Flyer Templates

Annual Dinner Invitation Flyer

annual dinner invitation flyer Download

Charity Dinner Invitation Flyer

charity dinner invitation flyer Download

Gala Dinner Invitation Flyer

gala dinner invitation flyer Download

Baby Shower Invitation Flyer Templates

DIY Baby Shower Invitation Flyer

diy baby shower invitation flyer Download

Diaper Baby Shower Invitation Flyer

diaper baby shower invitation flyer Download

Graduation Invitation Flyer Templates

Bachelors Graduation Invitation Flyer

bachelors graduation invitation flyer Download

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Flyer

graduation ceremony invitation flyer Download

Graduation Day Invitation Flyer

graduation day invitation flyer Download

Meeting Invitation Flyer Templates

Club Meeting Invitation Flyer

club meeting invitation flyer Download

Committee Meeting Invitation Flyer

committee meeting invitation flyer Download

How to Design a Great Flyer

If you are planning to host a big party or anything related, here are some tips you an browse through on how to create a great flyer. This is most especially helpful if your planned party will be revolving around a birthday or even an event such as a music festival, which would require promoting your event through inviting a huge group of people to attend.

  • Organize your thoughts. Before anything else, it is quite important to know the things you want to include in your flyer before actually adding anything. This will help avoid any unnecessary information and reduce the possibility of creating mistakes.
  • Highlight the type of your flyer. Since flyers can be used in many different things, you have to make sure that they type of event or the purpose of the flyer is obvious for the reader. An example of this is if you are hosting a Christmas party, you might want to highlight the festive concept such as the name and don’t forget to add Christmas decorations.
  • Color. This part is usually underestimated since most usually go for the basic colors such as blue, green, yellow, or even red. It is important to know that color is a huge factor of the flyer, which is why color combination is a must. A perfect example of this is if the event is about a night club, neon is a good choice of color since it represents the night life, and it is an eye-catching color. Although if the event is casual and family-friendly, you might not want to use neon. Try calming designs instead like vintage-style colors.
  • Use dividers for separating elements. This only applies if you personally don’t want to include photos or a strong graphic on your flyer. What you might prefer is a good typographic design instead. This is where ribbons, banners, and dividers are important. They hold the content of the flyer more digestible for the viewer, especially if there are detailed information included.
  • Vintage. This style is usually great for casual gatherings. You can also try out chalkboard designs, which are black and white. It will surely grab everyone’s attention, and it is also easy to recreate.
  • Background textures. Textures play an important role when it comes to setting the mood. In flyers, however, they can make flyers look cooler, instantly. Grungy and faded edge effects are great if you are looking for a cool edge to your event and gig flyer. Metallic background textures on the other hand are great for glamorous and luxurious events. Gold, silver, and copper effects make the flyer extra special.
  • Light. Don’t be afraid to add lit-up designs on your flyer. This helps locks the attention of the viewer, and plus, it looks pretty awesome.

For more samples on invitations, you may also check out our list of Invitation Template that we offer on the Template sections on Template.net.

Seminar Invitation Flyer Templates

Company Seminar Invitation Flyer

company seminar invitation flyer Download

Seminar Program Invitation Flyer

seminar program invitation flyer Download

Real Estate Seminar Invitation Flyer

real estate seminar invitation flyer Download

Wedding Invitation Flyer Templates

Wedding Shower Invitation Flyer

wedding shower invitation flyer Download

Concert Poster Wedding Invitation Flyer

concert flyer wedding invitation flyer Download

Beach Wedding Invitation Flyer

wedding beach invitation flyer Download

Wedding Reception Invitation Flyer

wedding reception invitation flyer Download

Restaurant Invitation Flyer Templates

Restaurant BBQ Invitation Flyer

restaurant bbq invitation flyer Download

Restaurant Party Invitation Flyers

restaurant party invitation flyers Download

Bridal Shower Invitation Flyer Templates

Printable Bridal Shower Invitation Flyer

printable bridal shower invitation flyer Download

Free Bridal Shower Invitation Flyer

free bridal shower invitation flyer Download

Surprise Bridal Shower Invitation Flyer

surprise bridal shower invitation flyer Download

Conference Invitation Flyer Templates

Global Conference Invitation Flyer

global conference invitation flyer Download

Conference Event Invitation Flyer

conference event invitation flyer1 Download

Conference Promotional Invitation Flyer

conference promotional invitation flyer Download

Baby Boy Shower Invitation Flyer

boy baby shower invitation flyer

College Graduation Invitation Flyer

college graduation invitation flyer

Things to Add on Your Invitation Flyer

There is more to it than you may think when it comes to creating invitations flyers. There are various aspects to consider before making one. It wouldn’t be an invitation without the details. When inviting someone, it means to say that you are granting someone access to a certain event or occasion that you are hosting. Let’s say that you are hosting a dinner party over at your house, it surely is not something public or extreme, so sending out a few invitations to loved ones is more than enough. With that said, the only question remains is the occasion. Why are they coming over? This is why these important aspects should be included in your invitation.

Here is a brief list of the essential details that should be placed in the invitation:

  • Name. This is most important if the celebration is being held for a person such as a birthday party or graduation party, to name a few. Make sure to add the name of the celebrant or the name of the occasion so the receivers would have the idea of what is in store.
  • Day and date. It won’t be considered an invitation without the date. The date is one of the most important details in an invitation due to the fact that not everyone is free. Setting a date wherein everybody’s schedule is likely to be open is a great idea. Weekends may be the best choice of date. The guests invited will also be able to know if they can make it on that day or if they can open the date ahead of time.
  • Time. Knowing the date and the occasion, there’s one thing that should be stated and that is the time. You do not want your guests to be either late nor early. This can distress the the person if they have other plans during the day as well. Placing 6:00 p.m. is acceptable, although for formal events, it is preferred if you write the time as “six o’clock in the evening.” When adding before 6:00 p.m, you use “In the afternoon.” When adding after 6:00 p.m, you use “In the evening.”
  • Location. This is very important. For those guests who live quite far away, it is important for them to know where the location is, most especially. This will allow them to calculate if they will be able to make it or not due to travel time and traffic. Some extra tips: If the party is not held at your house, you should include the name of the place like “Luigi’s Pizza.” But if the party is held at your place, you should use “at the home of John Smith.”
  • Contact information. This part is optional, but it is not a bad idea to add in your contact information in case anyone may have questions and inquiries about the upcoming event. You can also list an RSVP with a phone or e-mail address, along with the date you would like your guests to reply on.
  • Dress code. This is also optional, but if there is a dress code required for the event or party, it is important to write this down on your invitation. You do not want your guests to be unaware of the theme when they arrive at the venue. If the dress code pertains to a “black tie only” attire, your guests may be distressed to find this out during the day of the party. It is advisable to place this information down so that your guests will be able to make the necessary plans and changes before the day of the event.
  • Logo. This is optional however, if you are an owner of a business or an organization, you can add your company’s logo on the flyer. Also, do not forget to add the logo of your sponsors if you have any. Remember, flyers can provide business advertisement and promotion rather than just invitation.


With all the important topics already tackled on, there is one more thing that you must do before printing and sending out your invitation flyers. Do not forget to review and proofread. This is highly recommended so that you will be able to double-check if you have made any mistakes or might have added some unnecessary details. It is quite important not to give your receivers a hard time when reading the details. If you are handing out public event invitations, make sure to add some additional information like the name of the company and some sponsor’s. On the other hand, when creating invitations for personal or private events, it is essential to add in the reason for the occasion and to whom the celebration is held for.

If you are still looking for various samples regarding invitations or flyers, there are many more that you can search for on our website. You may use our templates as a reference material if you wish to create your own invitation flyer. We offer our available templates in PSD, EPS, and Al formats.

Looking to find flyers designed for parties? Well, look no further! We also offer party flyer templates for those looking to design and make some fantastic party flyers. You can find more samples here on Template.net.

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