13+ Dinner Party Invitations

A dinner party is an event where people are being invited by a host to come over for an evening meal. It is a tradition in some countries to invite people over the weekends during supper time especially if those people are new to the neighborhood. It is considered as an act of warm welcoming. In some, it is a way of letting people in within the boundaries of their home by hosting a dinner.

Though it is usual for dinner parties to be conducted in the comfort of someone’s private place, other dinner parties may be done in other places like restaurants, event rooms or hotels. With this, a dinner party invitation must be precise with the details of the invite so that no confusion may take place. You may download our invitation templates and use it as a guide for your next dinner party invitation.

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Rehearsal Dinner Party Invitation


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Birthday Dinner Party Invitation



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Wedding Dinner Party Invitation



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Dinner Party Invitations for Special Occasions

If you are to invite people for dinner to celebrate occasions that are of importance, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when making the dinner party invitation:

  • The overall design of the dinner party invitation must reflect the event to be celebrated. You can put design elements that are related to the celebration so that people will understand more on why they are invited for a dinner party.
  • Even if it is a special occasion, always keep in mind the age bracket of the people that you are to invite. For example, if you are to celebrate your anniversary as a couple and wanted to drink alcoholic beverages after eating and you have no specific time at mind as to when the celebration will end, then it is better to invite friends who are already of age.
  • You can actually add designs of the food items that are usually incorporated to an event. If you are to invite friends over dinner to celebrate thanksgiving, then a turkey in the invitation would be of much relevance.

You may view our party invitation templates and get a few idea on how to create a party invitation which you may use for your next dinner party invites.

Corporate Dinner Party Invitation



Blank Dinner Party Invitation



Graduation Dinner Party Invitation



Formal Dinner Party Invitation



Creative Dinner Party Invitation



Never Forget the Important Details

Do not just focus on the design of the dinner party invite. You must be able to put all the needed details that must be known by the guests as well.

  • Specify whether the dinner invite will be held outside or on your residences. Write the exact location of the place where all of you are to gather for the dinner party.
  • Make sure that people will know the time that they are expected to arrive at the venue.
  • If you are celebrating something special and wanted invited guests to dress appropriately, then include the dress code that you want your guests to follow.
  • You can specify the kind of dinner that you are to serve. This way, guests can already expect whether the dinner will be light or heavy. In this regard, they can already eat some food at home if you are to serve light items in the menu and the other way goes should you have a heavy menu selection.
  • Also note the number of seats that you have reserved for a specific invite. You don’t want to run out of food should there be more guests to arrive than what you expected, right?

You may view our dinner invitation templates for more references regarding this matter.

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