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8+ Block Letters Fonts

Block letters are common in the world of customized font styles and are recognized by their standalone letters. Their opposite would be the cursive font style, where letters are joined to each other within a word by loops and swirls. Cursive writing is faster when writing longhand, but in the digital space it is the block letters that have the advantage. They are often easier on the eye and are designed to be functional and utilitarian above all else. This does not mean they have to be unimaginative.

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Here is a collection of block letter font styles you can download as TTF and OTF files. Once imported into your computer, you can begin typing in them right away, for any graphic project you have going.

Block Letter Alphabet Font

Block Bold Letter Font


3D Block Letter Font


Block Capital Letter Font


Block Bubble Letter Font


How to Use These Block Letter Fonts

Writing in block letters in everyday penmanship sometimes goes under the term “printing” rather than writing. This is stylistically appropriate, since block letter styles have actually developed from the mechanics of the earliest printing press models, where each letter in the alphabet would be individually carved onto a wooden block, covered in ink, and then stamped onto a piece of paper. If you’ve ever used a typewriter, you will understand how this works better than most people.

Naturally, this is a very efficient way to produce a lot of print traditionally. These restraints are eliminated digitally, but block fonts persist for their aesthetic qualities. Sometimes no other font will do.

As an overview of the fonts we have on offer here:

  • The Regular Block Letter Font will work well for any generic project with a low style requirement. For something a bit more fancy, the Block Letter Alphabet Font is a good alternative.
  • Use the Block Bold Letter Font and the 3D Block Letter Font for something of a playful vibe. For a strict military effect, the GE Army Block Capital Letter Font is a great option.
  • Block Letter Graffiti offers an urban edge with a sheen of blitz gloss.
  • The Chalk Block Letter Font features an interesting effect than combines children’s alphabet blocks with the printing press. Great for posters and stationery.
  • The Cursive Block Letter Font might seem a contradiction, but all good art strains at its categories. This style almost imitates the cursive loops without connecting anything. For the best of both font worlds with a hardcore edge, use this.

Note: Some licensing restrictions may apply. Always make sure to check before using on commercial projects.

Block Letter Graffiti Font

Regular Block Letter Font

Chalk Block Letter Font

Cursive Block Letter Font

Download any of these letter fonts as OTF and TTF files. These are the vectors of the font files, meaning they can be resized to any size without any pixelation. Some licensing cost may apply before you can use them to their full effect.

Unless you are new to, you know that we are committed to offering business people and digital artists with a host of the highest-quality resources, tools, and templates, for either free or at the lowest cost you can realistically expect given the quality.

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