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25+ Retrowave Fonts for Creatives

If you’re quite unfamiliar of the term, Retrowave is a sub-genre of the all-encompassing Synthwave genre. Retrowave is all about mimicking, reliving, and recreating the style of the 80’s in all its cool and eclectic aspects. From music to fashion, there is a perfectly distinct flair that comes from the 80’s and 90’s era.

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These days, Retrowave is starting to make a comeback for people with a particular eye for post-modern new wave aesthetics. When it comes to design, that’s usually best translated through typefaces, patterns, and illustrations, to name a few.

In this article, we’re highlighting the awesome Retrowave fonts that are just dying to catch our attention. We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best and most diverse set of font types that give off their own retro vibe. Take your pick from cute fonts to aggressive Gothic font bundles right here. You can download as many fonts as you want, and customize them to fit your own brand and personal style!

Lazer 84 Free Font

The Lazer 84 Free Font makes it look as if you’ve stepped into an arcade world with no way of getting out (and that’s perfectly fine!). Download this awesome retro font for your digital and print flyers, video game covers, and packaging designs. It’s bold, charismatic, and all shades of nostalgic!

KanKin Font

The KanKin Font is deeply inspired by the 1930-1049 period where organized crimes by mafia groups were pretty rampant. A modern-retro font influenced by movies such as “Gangster Squad”, “Lawless”, and the like, Kankin uses contemporary curves to give the font a modern quality while sticking to its “old style” feeling.

This font can be used for free, and is appropriate for your retro-modern prints, graphic designs, comics, posters, etc.

Frontage Condensed Retro Font

The Frontage Condensed is a layered type of retro font that’s heavily inspired and influenced by eye-catching and colorful facade signage; which were more common in the 20’s and 30’s era. What makes this typeface awesome is its three dimensional feature. With ten ornamental layers—like Bulb, Neon, or Shadow, to name a few—you can combine or use them separately to make your text look bold and versatile.

90’s Moonlight

A handwritten font inspired by the 80’s and 90’s scene, the 90’s Moonlight comes with plenty of features to make your headings, logo, storefront signage, or apparel designs look uber cool and funky. Download this typeface to get open type features like stylistic alternates, sets and ligatures.

Have your greeting cards, product packaging, and website headers glowing in neon using the 90’s Moonlight retrowave font to bring back the electric vibe of yesteryears.

Streamster Retrowave Font

The Streamster Retrowave Font is freely available to give you an edgy and sophisticated finish to your designs. Download this font type for an authentic and mysterious event invite, logo design, branding and identity, or product labels. There’s definitely something delicate yet completely assertive about this font style that’s hard to miss out on.

The Prizefighter Display Font


Download the Prizefighter Display Font to get a sleek and smooth display vintage font for your branding, product packaging, logo, themed event invites, book covers, and more. This is the newest display font from the Vintage Type Company, and it comes with four different styles for you to variate.

The Prizefighter is composed of a condensed body and rounded corners to give you that clean and inked up look; great qualities to achieve an authentic vintage feel.

1920’s Metropolis

Get yourself a jazzy free font with the 1920’s Metropolis typeface. It’s highly inspired by the industrial movement of the 20’s, where skyscrapers and luxury living boomed. This retro font is perfect for your jazz night events, The Great Gatsby dinner party invites, or barber shop storefronts. An art deco-worthy font, you’re sure to get a bold, solid, and definitely charismatic aura with this one.

Kindling Hand Drawn Font

The Kindling Hand Drawn Font is a sans serif font that can give you two weighs for use: fill and outline. Get the best of both worlds by downloading this font pack for your hand drawn logos, branding, online posts, and more. It’s a clean and simple typeface whose charm is boosted by its authentic hand drawn characteristic.

This Kindling font bundle includes 1-10 numbers, various Glyphs, and the English alphabet.

Lost Childhood Font

If you’re in for a nostalgic treat, the Lost Childhood is one bold display font that came straight out every 90’s kid’s past. Its haphazard letter forms were designed so as to make you feel like the Flintstones or Jetsons’ opening sequence is about to play in the background.

Once customized and developed with cartoons, retro designs, and illustrations, Lost Childhood would serve as an awesome t-shirt font design, retro packaging or collectible art prints.

Madamoiselle Script Font

Download this elegant free cursive fontMademoiselle, to bring out a sophisticated vintage vibe to your lettering art prints, event invites, and logo designs. This font is primarily inspired by the 50’s and 60’s era, with its soft curves and edges to keep the look simple but elegant.

Once you get this font, you’ll also get numerals and various special characters for you to use and variate.

Hurley 1967

The Hurley 1967 is one bold font you’ll want stashed in your font design kit. It comes in 7 different styles and premade logos using the fonts available. Get this bundle, with its clean lines and smooth curves, to give you that debonair 60’s vibe for your ads, branding, packaging, website headers and more.


The Cosmopolitan is one sexy and romantic font you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Get this monoline font that comes in both script and sans versions that works just as well together or separately. This elegant retro font bundle also includes five weighs and printed versions. It also comes with Cosmopolitan Extras like swirls and pictograms to give you a harming finish.

Belladona Free Font

Belladona or the ‘deadly nightshade’ is a perennial herbaceous plant whose foliage and berries have proven to be quite toxic, causing delirium and hallucinations. Of course, if you want to create a Gothic font based from such flora, then it should look and feel just as elusive and dangerous.

The Belladona Free Font definitely did not disappoint, with its unique quirks and special character designs. get this font for free and see just how riveting your product packaging, e-commerce websites, and event posters will turn out.

Retrospective Typeface

The Retrospective Typeface may be simple, but it’s far from being dull. It takes on a unique character of its own that’s sure to catch the attention of new wave kids and retro aesthetic enthusiasts. Download this design for your magazine articles, social media and blog posts, packaging designs, and more. What else makes it so great? It’s absolutely free!

Outrunner Retrowave Classic

The 80’s era was all about funky prints, vibrant colors, science fiction film posters, and dancing. If that’s something you want to relive, then this Outrunner Retrowave Classic is sure to get you there. This retrowave script font is pretty simple and straightforward, with it being bold yet elegantly contained. Download this font style for your signtature, logo, branding, invitations, blog posts, and more!

Organic Lulo Font

The Organic Lulo Font is one friendly retro typography font in 3D . Download this cool typeface to get five stackable layers of font elements, and highly customizable color swatches. Lulo is an all-caps typography set, and includes regular and bold weighs, and extensive language support.

Burtons Retro Font

The Burtons Retro Font is an elegant rustic sans serif paired with a airy script to give you that charming retro feel to your text. Download this retro font for your branding and identity, logo, advertising, online marketing, product packaging, and more. You’re sure to get high quality graphic designs and prints with this bundle, all the while showering you with nostalgia.

Cocotte Font

Experience the early art nouveau with this wonderful Cocotte vintage font. It’s a small caps sans serif display font that comes with matching italics and a regular typeface style inspired by the arts and alternative French and Italian art nouveau. Cocotte comes from the Coco Gothic typeface family, with each typeface unique and adaptive to the mood of your works.

Download this Gothic font to get extended character set and extensive language support for over forty European languages, and Greek and Cyrillic alphabets.

80’s Press Retrowave Font Bundle

Get the 80’s Press Retrowave Font bundle to have yourself the ultimate collection of free fonts and actions for Adobe Illustrator. With over 40 styles to choose from, produce an 80’s retro vibe within your comic book prints, music album covers, posters, and logo designs.

Glowworm Retro Font

Get the Glowworm Retro Font for a funky retro-themed font design for your magazines, flyers, online store, or blog ads. It’s a fun retrowave font type that gives off a very youthful and spontaneous feel. Incorporate fun patterns, mod phtographs, and avante-garde designs to be as outlandish and over-the-top as possible.

Novanta Retro Font

The Novanta Retro Font is a quirky bundle of typeface, vectors, and pattern designs that just screams, “retro!” Get this retrowave design set for your bold and eccentric design pieces. It’s great for birthday party invites, retro themed cafes and products, or for your themed social media posts and ads.

The Guerrilla Font

With The Guerrilla Font, you’re sure to get an edgy typeface with a little bit aggression and quirk. Get this free font for your retro art posters, event flyers, online banner posts, and branding. It’s a unique combination of rough graffiti, tropical feels, and a nostalgic retro vibe.

Old School Betty

The ultimate font for creatives, Old School Betty is one download away from you creating your own retrowave old school aesthetic. Get this vintage and old school tattoo art inspired typeface for your own tattoo design, banding and identity, or personal logo. It comes with two OpenType format fonts, and supports Latin and Greek character sets.

Cordelia Brazilian Family Font

The Cordelia Brazilian Family Font draws much of its inspiration from popular Brazilian story-poem booklet covers, ‘Cordel Literature’. These booklets were usually designed with woodcut illustrations and lettering, and have taken on a unique life of their own. This font family tries to recreate those works of art, to enable you to produce book covers, posters, and packaging designs that are as soulful as they are cultural.

With the list we’ve prepared, you’re sure to have a year’s supply full of awesome retrowave fonts. Recreate and relive the 80’s and 90’s era, including the early 1900’s, with the list of retro and vintage fonts that are up for download. There’s no harm in downloading as many typefaces as you want. You can then have a wide variety of options for your text, characters, and signature fonts.

Take your pick and see how retrowave art deco fonts can make your poster designs, branding and identity, or your personal logos even more vibrant and aesthetically pleasing.

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