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Best Free Fonts – 1555+ OTF, TTF, PSD Format Download

A font can be the dose of oomph for your designs. Be it a brochure, a pamphlet, a poster, or a web design, a font has a lot to give in terms of impact of the textual content in the design. No wonders, discerning designers are always on the lookout for more cool and stylish fonts spread across multiple categories, and also build a library of reliable download free fonts. Why not visit the most credible and popular fonts collections online and start building your own collection?

Mesmerizing Styles of Contemporary Fonts

A multitude of clean, capitalized, and classic fonts drawing a lot from the Italian design philosophy of geometric aesthetics awaits you at the best websites for free fonts downloads. Eye catching angular fonts make your design text content look more appealing, and add a lot of impact to headlines, posters, etc. Delicate font styles boasting of elegant sans serif and serif stencils bring in the best of traditional font styling to your designs.

Most of these free Photoshop fonts come in 3 versions – strict, rounded and bold. Adding a dash of vintage styling to design texts is possible with distressed and industrial font packs. From sharp lines and smooth curves to hand-drawn fonts – you just have to look at the right collection to find the most fine-tuned and suitable font.

google fonts infographic

Most Popular Google Fonts to Beautify Your Website

Everything about Installing Fonts

You can easily download fonts for Windows and Mac from the best of design websites. These packages are available in .zip and .rar formats commonly, whereas sometimes you’d even find files in default font format .ttf for download.

Not only can you grab the free fonts, but can also opt for fonts generators that can automatically add new fonts to the default location, for the new fonts to appear for use everywhere in your Windows experience.

How to Install a Font – Easy Steps

How to Create a Font

What is Typeface

More from the World of Fonts

Not only can you download fonts for standard text design needs, but can also get fonts specifically suited for headings, sub headings, quotations, etc. What’s more, you get these fonts perfectly suitable for resizing on the design screens.

> Tattoo Fonts

Tattoo Number Fonts
Fonts for Tattoo Designers
Caligraphy font

African ancient tribal theme, cartoonish vibes, artfully drawn text, a dose of attractiveness to a sombre design – all these design ventures become more stylish with tattoo fonts. With cursive tattoo fonts, serif tattoo fonts, free broad impact tattoo fonts, and floral tattoo fonts, you can bring in style and substance to text heavy designs. Also, tattoo font package work well for your web designs.[150+ Tattoo Fonts]

> Web Fonts

PT Sans Font
Junction Regular Web Font
Droid Sans Font

Web Fonts are changing the way people do blogging and business. Exquisite interface is the key to a lot of loyal customers and fonts are the best way to add a lot of beauty to the site and blogs. In recent past the development of some amazing web fonts have allowed the world to choose from the best.[20+ Best Web Fonts]

> Infographic Fonts

Classicuda Vtks – Infographic Heading Font
Jolly Icons Infographic Font
Reckoner Font Style & Typeface

We all want to use fonts that make our projects stand out from the rest. The best Inforgraphic Fonts have been in use for quite a long time already, helping designers and developer create brands that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. The free downloadable fonts in the category could make your next best choice for the big project.[58+ Infographic Fonts for Designers]

> Script Fonts

Dreamy Cursive Script Font
Free Cursive Script Font
Magnolia Cursive Script Font

Whether you need to write cursive text, or need interlaced characters for a classy, romantic, and stylized vibe for your text, script fonts are your best bets. Available in serif as well as sans serif, and with dozens of character sets, these script font packages are must have for web designers and digital designers. For the best of fluid strokes of handwriting for a natural look, choose script fonts.[70+ Best Script Fonts]

> Wedding Fonts

Precious Wedding Font
Lydia Puente Wedding Font
Almendra Wedding Font

If you are doing a writing project for a client having their wedding soon, use Wedding Fonts to prepare the cards, invitation letters, and pamphlets and envelops. The free fonts available are great for both huge or small project. We have a collection of the best free sample fonts you can use any time all the time.[40+ Wedding Fonts]

> Windows Fonts

Franklin Gothic Font
Constantia Font
Arial Font

Studies have shown that fonts can do magic. They have a unique capability to enamor senses and minds. Humans have lately come to understand the power of fonts. Windows fonts are going to a part of the font movement for the coming decades.[30+ Standard Windows Fonts]

> Arabic Fonts

Air Strip Arabic
Diana Extra – New Arabic Font
Khayal, Arabic Font

Text style engineers will figure out how to encode complex script offers in their textual styles, pick character sets, arrange text style data, and utilization existing instruments to create Arabic Font styles. Enrolled gimmicks of the Arabic script are characterized and showed, encodings are recorded, and layouts are incorporated for accumulating Arabic format tables for Open Type text styles.[25+ Arabic Fonts]

> Cursive Fonts

Cursive Writing Fonts
Free Cursive Fonts
Cursive Tattoo Fonts

Hundreds of free cursive fonts emulate handwriting styles, but you need the best to make your designs stand out. Pick the perfect combinations of style, legibility, subtle variations between all alphabets, and build your asset base with informal and formal looks, unconnected as well as connected fonts. With upper and lower case letters, 150+ characters, and multiple styles, these cursive fonts are great for all your digital handwriting requirements.[135+ Cursive Fonts]

> Google Fonts

Megrim Google Font
Gloria Hallelujah Google Font
Courgette Google Font

The most critical part is to make a point to see anyone duplicate that you’re going to use in passage view. It’s sincerely a smart thought that abstains from utilizing a custom textual style on the off chance that you have a great deal of body duplicate. However there are a lot of authentic utilization cases here, so simply utilize alert.[24+ Google Fonts]

> IOS Fonts

Yikes Ios Free Font
Romance Fata Serif iOS Font
Aliquam iOS Free Font

To make your messages more interactive and friendlier, IOS Fonts are the best pick. These fonts being different from the usual ones, give you an amazing experience. Use free font and keyboard downloads to enhance the appearance of your texts. They spruce up your instant messages and make your cumbersome presentations very easy and efficient.[12+ iOS Fonts]

> Print Fonts

Print Clearly Font
McHandwriting Print Font
Hand Printing Press Font

If you have ever planned on creating a perfect project for your business deals, there must have been a long list of fonts to consider. So why not check out the free fonts that give an elegant appearance to your projects? The print fonts enhance the readability of the text for the readers and make the designer’s job easier and quicker.[23+ Print fonts]

> Rounded Fonts

Rounded TrueType Font
PIO Rounded TrueType Font
Alba Super Round Font

The world can be a sad place and every writer who is trying to spread a little humor is going to depend on this font for more effective writing. The Rounded fonts are going to help the writer in making the best use of time to express the real kind of expressions. The fonts are going to make writing more expressive and impressionable.[20+ Best Rounded Fonts]

> Calligraphy Fonts

Wedding Calligraphy Fonts
Free Calligraphy Fonts
Arabic Calligraphy Fonts

Calligraphy fonts can be hard to differentiate; so, invest time in shortlisting the best styles of calligraphy fonts for your design excursions. With subtle variations between all characters and alphabets, extended character sets, multiple styles within the same font, you can make your textual design content look good.Check the best calligraphy font collections exploring connected/unconnected, lower case/upper case/ serif/sans serif characters and build your design assets database.[114+
Calligraphy Fonts]

> Serif Fonts

The Wallington Pro Serif Font
Pontiac Serif Font
PaperCute Serif Font

Serif fonts are beautiful spaced letters, with stroke thickness, being counter-sized and they also have an x-height factor proven to be effective in preserving the over all identity of the body text.[45+ Amazing Serif Fonts]

> Abstract Fonts

Dill Font
Abstract Slab
Abstract Font

There are more than 13,000 Abstract Fonts available for use free. They are available in different styles and font face. Examples include letters in bold, uppercase letters only, lowercase letters only and a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. These are suitable for your next web, book or poster project so you can always pick one that suits your interest.[20+ Best Abstract Fonts]

> Android Fonts

Hybrid Font Bebas ANDROID
Tateside font Design
Waltograph Font Download

You are probably used to seeing only one Android font type. But there are is more to it than just what you know. With several Android Fonts available already, you can customize your phone to look exactly like the way you want it, different from the default settings of your mobile phone.[45+ Android Fonts]

> Art Deco Fonts

Planjer Distressed
Le Havre Rough

The Art Deco Fonts combine both upper and lower case letters in different styles and design. Its use has spread, not just online but also in local writing from Europe to the United States of America. The fonts feature graceful, stylized and geometric shapes in such a perfect symmetrical arrangements, making them the most beautiful for use on whatever you deem fit.[40+ Best Art Deco Fonts]

> Graffiti Fonts

Tags Xtreme

A simple internet search on Graffiti Fonts will present you with plethora of results. Use these fonts for your next graphic projects and customize them if you have the time. They are available for free download and you can get them at any time you wish and make a colorful project from them.[15+ Graffiti Fonts]

> Handwriting Fonts

Volantene Handwritten Script
GoodDog Plain Handwriting Font
Corradine Handwriting Font

There are millions of Handwriting Fonts already available for use. Why not use these free fonts for your next project. The fonts have not just gained popularity in the last few months. They are already in used and love by many. And with more than one style topography available, you can be sure that you will not miss a perfect choice of your own.[37+ Handwriting Fonts]

> Headlines Fonts

Stylish Fonts Bundle
Komika Poster Font
Headlined Solid

There are brilliant headline fonts available to help you make great and impressive titles. Only free fonts that stand our can make your headlines noticeable with ease. You do not just attract viewers’ attention with these. You get them completely immersed into the content with the superb deadline. The best fonts are inspired by great minds and latest design.[65+ Best Headline Fonts]

> Logo Fonts

Tallow True Type Font Format Download
Sexy Shout Download OTF Format Font
Dreamy Script Font

You already have access to more than a thousand logo fonts for your next project. They are available free so you can always try something new if for each project if you are handling more than one project. You will have to download and install these in your machine and then start using them afterwards for your logo design.[67+ Logo Fonts]

> Magazine Fonts

Stubborn Faith Script
Metrix Display Font
Begade OpenType Font

Choosing the best Magazine Fonts for your next project can be quite tricky. With many available, it becomes quite hard to choose one for the next project. That should not be the case though because we provide you some of the best fonts so that you do not have to keep searching on the internet without luck.[20+ Magazine Fonts]

> Movie Poster Fonts

Monsters Font
Lost Highway

Fonts used for movie posters are numerous exceptional and romantic. Produced and used solely for the purpose of the movies, the font makes the best choice for combing picture with text to produce great results that blend perfectly. Movie poster fonts used will always depend on the mood of the film, and you can always see this from the font type used.[30+ Movie Poster Fonts]

> Smoke Fonts

Vaporized BB Font Family OTF Format Download
Smoking Typeface Font Premium Download
Nice Dream Come True Smoke Font TTF Format

You can never be content with smoke font. Their attractive design and existence in numerous numbers clearly indicate that users have a wide range to choose. Smoke fonts are best for use in logo design, content accentuation, and in big pictures. Free to download smoke fonts are dense and strong and will always leave a strong and an impressive contour.[35+ Smoke Fonts]

> Stencil Fonts

Urban Jungle Font
Top Secret Stamp
HVD Peace

Stencil fonts not only add a bit of creativity to your projects but also make the project itself attractive. They are available for free download and you can use them for logo, packaging and posters to mention just a few. They are available in uppercase, lower case, and a complete combination of both.[20+ Stencil Fonts]

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