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The days of old monotonous fonts are gone. Now the digital design fonts not only come in different styles they come in different colors, sizes, fixed widths and themes. For example one can choose between digital clock fonts and subway ticket fonts from the same repository making it extremely diverse and interesting. It is guaranteed that the umpteen names and styles will send you in a tizzy.... Read More

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24+ Best Letter Fonts

The formatting of your cover letter is as important as what you say when you are applying for a job. The font style, the font size, the spacing, the paragraph breaks, and everything else count. The rightly chosen letter font makes a great impression on the reader. You may have to try a few different Free Fonts styles and size variations so that your letter fits on a single page and yet does not look cluttered. Here is a collection of some free and premium fonts for you.

10 Best New Brush Fonts

Brush fonts provide a unique feel to the design, one that is truly authentic and natural-looking. Thus, they have become somewhat staple design tools for everyone—whether you’re a professional designer or an amateur learning the ropes. This is because brush fonts are essentially designed to look or imitate text written with an ink brush; making the outcome look close to calligraphy and plain handwriting.

26+ Retrowave Fonts for Creatives

If you’re quite unfamiliar with the term, Retrowave is a sub-genre of the all-encompassing Synthwave genre. Retrowave is all about mimicking, reliving, and recreating a 90’s style in all its cool and eclectic aspects. From vaporwave music to gradient Fuente fashion template, there is a perfectly distinct flair that comes from the 80s and 90s eras.

22+ Awesome Fonts for Young Creatives – TTF , OTF

Fonts make designing not only easier, but also even more stylish. Whether you’re being commissioned to design a huge promotional ad for a company, or are out on a branding and advertising campaign for your own profession—an engaging and relevant font is part of what draws people to your business. Even if you’re simply designing art deco materials or personal greeting cards, the fonts you use always contain more than what they seem.

17+ Script Fonts for Business Cards – PSD, Vector EPS

The uptight and stringent nature of the corporate scene is slowly making room for artistry and creativity. Especially with more startup companies and self-sustaining entrepreneurs, the traditional corporate setup is starting to evolve to welcome the rise of the unconventional. This is something we first notice when we are introduced to a certain business whose methods and branding may be a bit bizarre to the norms of the industry.