15 Eye-Catching Salon Menu Templates

Not all menu cards refer to a list of food or meals sold by dining establishments. A menu may also have to do with a listing of options available to a person when he/she is performing or completing a task. For example, a person who wants to watch a TV show will have to choose from a TV show menu guide. Another example is when a person goes to a salon, receives a salon service menu card, and then chooses between the different services that the establishment offers from that menu card.

This article will focus on the salon menu card mentioned in the latter example. We provide more information on how anyone can create, design, and edit salon menu templates for their own salon business.

Why use salon menu cards?

If you are a salon owner, you would already have a lot of things on your plate just to keep your business running. To some, creating and using salon menu cards can even be a hassle. But if you want your business to succeed, implementing different sustainable marketing strategies today may allow you to reap greater rewards later on. Listed below are different reasons to help convince you why you should invest in menu cards for your salon business.

Embedded below are 15 examples of salon menu templates that you may easily customize to match your own salon’s image. Browse through them and then purchase or replicate the menu designs that you think will best match your needs.

Beauty Salon Menu Template


The Beauty Salon Menu Template embedded above features a simple design and is straight to the point when revealing the different salon services. This is the type of salon menu template to use if you want your customers to readily read about the services that they can avail. In this example, each salon service is described in a few words allowing customers to know what that specific service is like. Check out this link for tips for writing great menu descriptions.

Blank Salon Menu Template


Faux Gold Salon Menu Template


The Faux Gold Salon Menu Template shown above is an example of a hair salon service menu. This specific salon menu card template does not use pictures for the services they offer. Instead, all the services are listed in an organized manner. The faux gold foil patterns framing the menu templates helps give a sense of sophistication to the menu card. This card may easily be replicated using editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and even Microsoft Word.

Hair Salon Menu Design Template


Nail Salon Menu Template


As its name implies, the Nail Salon Menu Template is a menu template that may suit any nail salon. A general salon may also use this template if they wish to separate the nail salon services from the hair, makeup, and beauty treatments or services that a salon offers. If you are computer-savvy, editing this menu card design in PSD will be relatively easy. But if you are not confident in your editing skills, you may hire a graphic artist to do the job instead.

Rose Gold Salon Menu Design Template


Salon Services Tri-fold Menu Template


The Salon Services Tri-fold Menu Template features an elegantly designed ornate pattern and a luxurious logo design. If you want your nail salon to be known for its equally luxurious services, then this salon menu template is the one for you. As a reminder, always keep an updated list of all the services that you offer and regularly update this on your service menu templates. This does not only help your staff when providing information to their customers, but it also helps ensure that a customer gets optimum service while they are at your salon.

Simple Salon Menu Template


Silver Beauty Salon Price Menu Template


Choosing the Silver Beauty Salon Price Menu Template is the way to go if you want your salon menu template to double as a price list. Some menu templates will include service descriptions but you can do away with those if you create a comprehensive list together with their corresponding costs. This salon menu design can be easily replicated with the use of Microsoft Word. However, if you want to make sure that your final output is a high-quality printable menu template, it is better to use advanced editing tools like Adobe Photoshop.

Minimalist Salon Service Menu Template


Spa and Beauty Salon Menu Template


If you want equal parts pictures, text, and lists on your salon menu card, the Spa and Beauty Salon Menu Template may be the right one for you. This editable menu design template allows you to choose between color schemes and font styles. However, if you wish to achieve the same look shown in the example above, it is better to stick with the current color scheme. When modifying this salon menu design, it is essential that you add pictures of actual customers or models who are experiencing your services and do not just use stock photos of people. This makes the whole thing more realistic and customers are bound to believe salon menu templates more if they see themselves through the model/s on the menu design. (Talk about diversity!) Also, learn more about the psychology of a good menu design so that you can further improve your own salon menu template.

Striped Salon Menu Template


Tri-fold Spa Salon Menu Template


The color purple has a relaxing effect. This is further exemplified by the Tri-fold Spa Salon Menu Template shown above. If you are operating a salon business which offers different kinds of beauty and relaxation treatments, this may be the salon menu card design for you. When using this salon menu card design, do not forget to add your salon’s business information on the bottom of the card design. This way, customers can easily contact you if they wish to book an appointment or if they have questions.

Upscale Salon Menu Design Template


Vector Salon Menu Template


For those who want a template that is very easy to edit, try out the Vector Salon Menu Template pictured above. This kind of salon menu design will fit those who want very simple salon menu designs that can easily be printed and/or distributed as advertising material.