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Catering in today’s world is not just cooking and serving something, rather it is an art of presenting the eatables and drinkables to the customers. If you are a caterer, then you must be aware of the demand stylish representation of everything in menu. Do not pull the low spirits for not having the artistic excellence of presentation; we have got a solution for you. You can also see Free Menu Templates.

Catering Services Menu Template

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Food Catering Service Menu Template

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BBQ Menu Template

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Dinner Menu Template

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Lunch Menu Template

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Food Menu Template

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Catering Menu Download

catering menu download 1

The PDF file format menu displays food on one side of the page. The other page shows the stationed receptions, sushi, Mac and cheese, pot pie paella, carving and coastal all in red.

Catering Menu Font Template Download

catering menu font template download

This Excels format menu shows starbucks catering menu with a picture of animated people drinking coffee. It shows the offered drinks in mild, bold, medium and extra bold and an option for coffee testing.

Catering Menu Design Set Template Download

catering menu design set template download

The Word file format menu shows a blend of pink, black and white colors in a bi page. It offers free delivery and payment. The menu offers deluxe buffet and hot and cold buffet.

Gourmet Food Catering Menu and Template Download

gourmet food catering menu tempate download

The PDF menu has the chef’s recommendation at the top which are wook cooking and sweet chocolate. It shows delicacies for lunch and dinner, healthy food, lounge bar and after office.

Chez Max Catering Menu Template Download

chez max catering menu template download

The menu comes in gold writing of the offered food in the restaurant. The Excel file also shows the food available everyday and the special food of the day and pictures of the delicacies at the bottom.

Catering Food Menu Template Download

catering food menu template download

This is a tri fold Word menu that is in light brown and dark brown colors. The cover has a delicacy on it, the recommended dishes and the pasta they serve and their prices.

Catering Menu Card Design Template

catering menu card design template

At the top is the silvery ushering the thought of nice food to be offered. The PDF file has a dark brown outlook. The menu sign is in gold ant the food category and items are to be filled.

Corporate Catering Menu Design Template Download

corporate catering menu design template download

The front page of the Excel file has the name of the restaurant offering the catering with raw food and spices. The second page shows a picture of set tables and chairs in a room.

Catering Menu Download

catering menu download

The Word template shows a table full of different delicacies and on top an advertisement of the catering services. This is for people dealing in sweet and savory bites in their premises.

Jones Jazzy Java Catering Menu Template Download

jones jazzy java catering menu template download

This is for restaurant offering different kind of foods in their premises. The Excel template displays New Orleans pro-boys, classic dell sandwich, gourmet burgers and premium coffees plus an offer.

Chalkboard Style Catering Menu Template Download

chalkboard style catering menu template download

Catering Menu Template

catering menu template

Restaurant Catering Food Menu Template Download

restaurant catering food menu template download

Catering Menu Vector EPS Template Download

catering menu vector eps template download

Catering Menu Template Download

catering menu template download

Sarpinos Catering Menu Template Download

sarpinos catering menu template download

Sushi Menu Catering Food Brochure

sushi menu catering food brochure

Multi Purpose Tri-Fold Menu Card

multi purpose tri fold menu card

Fast Food Resto Menu & Catering

fast food resto menu catering

Dessert Menu Template

dessert menu templates

Special Food Menu Flyer

special food menu flyer

Food Menu Flyer

food menu flyer

Sweets Menu or Price List Template

sweets menu or price list template

Multi Purpose Food Flyer

multi purpose food flyer

Clean Food Menu

clean food menu

Catering Menu Template

catering menu template 3

Food Menu Pack

food menu pack

Catering Menu Template

catering menu template 2

Restaurant / Catering / Cafe Menu

restaurant catering cafe menu

Charlie’s Catering Menu

charlies catering menu

The catering menu templates are being used by many catering agencies, restaurants and party organizers. It has shown them the tremendous results in impressing their customers and looting all praise from them for the mastership of menu presentation.It is has got many design variations to make you free to choose the best as per your customers’ demands. Menu Templates is praised as an innovative and effective tool to manage your catering menu.

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