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Events and other social functions allow us to do something extra in terms of preparing how we are to look and how we present ourselves to others. Rather than just letting ourselves do the beautification processes that we are used to do everyday, we resort to the services that are being offered by salons to assure that we look our absolute best as we attend a specific gathering or occasion.

There are many services that a salon offers and they can all be seen in the salon menu or salon service menu. We can provide you with salon menu samples should you be needing references with regards to the items that can be seen in this specific service menu. Also, we have Spa Menu Templates all available for download.

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Salon Menu Template

salon menu template

Salon Service Menu Template

salon service menu template1 Download

Hair Salon Menu Template

hair salon menu template1 Download

Free Printable Salon Menu Design

free printable salon menu design Download

Salon Menu Card Template

salon menu card template Download

The Salon Service Menu

There are still a lot of services that a salon offers other than those that have already been specified. It all depends on the kind of salon that you are to go to and the services that they are certified and allowed to provide to their clients.

A salon service menu helps the clients to identify the services that they want to have and it also allows additional services to be acquired should the client be interested in what he or she has seen in the salon menu.

Salon service menu plays a vital role in enlisting all the available items that a client may purchase, which in turn gives a shorter time of decision making on which services, treatments, and/or products to purchase.

Aside from our salon menu templates, we also have downloadable Price Menu Templates which you may be interested to use should you want to sell products and other items and you want a document to list all of them in a professional manner.

Beauty Salon Treatment Menu Design

beauty salon treatment menu design1 Download

Spa and Salon Menu Template

spa and salon menu template Download

Personalized Salon Menu Design

personalized salon menu design Download

Vintage Salon Menu Template

vintage salon menu template Download

Salon Trifold Menu Design

salon trifold menu design Download

Beauty Salon Treatment Menu Design

If you are to create a salon menu for your salon, here are a few items that you may include in your layout:

  • A beauty shot of your past clients may be included in your salon menu so that new clients may have a reference on what you can provide for them and how good your service offerings are.
  • Other references may also be included in the salon menu as long as your salon can provide these services to your clients who may want to have your examples to be done to them.
  • Make sure that all the design items are related to beauty and can be associated with your salon brand.
  • Your menu template must be clean, cohesive, and trendy so that it will be pleasing to the client’s eyes while he or she browses your offerings.

Guidelines in Creating a Salon Menu

If you are to create a salon menu for your beauty salon, here are some reminders that you may need:

  • Assure that all samples and photographs are owned by your salon. In case you want to use references, you may put the source on where you got them.
  • Your salon menu must be up to date so clients will not be frustrated should they want to acquire a specific service and it is not available anymore.
  • Make sure that all your price listings are accurate to avoid misunderstandings with your client.
  • Assure that you can provide all the services listed in your salon menu.

Other than our salon menu samples and templates, we also have Free Menu Templates which you may use for different functions and purposes.

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