9+ Still-Life Painting Ideas


Paintings have a way of evoking a certain feeling or mood upon its following. Whether it’s a realistic painting, abstract, or still life, it never fails to move people. It is for this reason that putting up paintings on one’s walls have astounding effects on a person’s emotions. Paintings, like all forms of art, vary in content and subject matter. The subject matter holds a great deal of weight on the kind of effect it seeks to perpetrate.

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There are numerous paintings out there, but if you are currently renovating your dining area or the interior decor of your restaurant or diner, the perfect style of painting which fits environments involving eating and dining is the still-life painting. For your convenience, we have numerous still-life painting ideas from which you could draw inspiration and start your own masterpieces.

Still-Life Fruits Painting

still life fruits painting Source

Still-Life Oil Painting

still life oil painting Source

Still-Life Flowers and Fruits Painting

still life flowers and fruits painting Source

Acrylic Still-Life Painting

acrylic still life painting Source

What Are Still-Life Paintings

Still-life oil paintings gained popularity around 1600–1800; however, its first appearance in human history predates that. As a matter of fact, during the ancient Egyptian period, Egyptians customarily painted still-life renditions of fruits, vegetables, and clay jars of wine on their Pharaoh’s tomb walls. The reasons why Egyptians do this are the following:

  • It is supposed to encourage fruitful harvest for the years following a Pharaoh’s death.
  • It is supposed to ward off the unfortunate event of the Egyptian people suffering from famine as a result of their ruler’s death. It is important to remember that Egyptians were quite the superstitious bunch.
  • It means that after the Pharaoh has crossed the river of death, he will carry with him some of the bountiful produce of his land.

Still-Life Paintings at Restaurants

Every restaurateur knows the value of employing effective ways to attract customers. One of the ways to advertise one’s eating establishment is to create an atmosphere that encourages people to relax and enjoy consuming plenty of food without feeling guilty or  neurotic about it. That is why, if you are currently managing a restaurant, a still-life painting can increase your number of customers by:

  • containing quaint painting images of juicy fruits and fresh bread, your customers will feel more at home with your place;
  • stimulating their appetites—a painting of food carries with it the subtle suggestion of increased appetite without being too obvious about it as opposed to real-food photos; and
  • blending perfectly with almost any restaurant decor as most restaurants and cafes know the welcoming effect of earthy and muted colors.

Hence our still life oil paintings are best at achieving that.

Abstract Still-Life Painting

abstract still life painting Source

Still-Life Art Painting

still life art painting Source

DIY Still-Life Painting

diy still life painting1 Source

Original Still-Life Painting

original still life painting Source

Realistic Still Life Painting

realistic still life painting

Contemporary Still-Life Painting

contemporary still life painting

Still-Life Paintings at Home

Here at Template.net, we take extra care that we also provide for the home decor needs of many. Our collections of realistic still-life paintings are the perfect art piece which your dining room needs. This painting is filled with a fine array of fruits, pastries, and wines. This elegant art piece will surely match your stately dining room.

How to Use Our Still-Life Paintings

Now that you have decided that a still-life painting is just what you need and you have selected the painting which you deem fitting to your purpose. Whether for personal or restaurant business use, your next step would be to download it. Once you’ve downloaded from our collections, you can adjust and resize it according to your needs. If you think it necessary, you can add more details to it using Photoshop.

Then, you can print it on a glossy sheet of paper in a size that you prefer. Then after that, encase it in a huge picture frame, and then it’s now ready to hang on your wall.

If you are interested in sprucing up other parts of your home such as your living room or foyer, then our collection of flower paintings might be perfect for you.

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