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23+ Salvador Dali Painting Gallery / Collection

Salvador Dali is among the most renowned surrealist artists. The Spanish surrealist painter was born in May 1904 in Catalonia, Spain. His older brother also named Salvador died when a toddler about nine months before the birth of Salvador Dali. His parents would tell him that he has the reincarnation of his brother, something that he came to believe. The two resembled one another and shared the same name. There is just so much to be adored about Salvador Dali. He is regarded as the one among the greatest artists of 20 century.

Salvador’s artwork probed the unconscious world of dreams, thoughts, perceptions, and feelings with far-fetched and frightening images that were influenced by futurism, cubism, Freud, and metaphysical art. In addition to Painting and drawing, he also sculpted and has contributed to photography, fashion, and theater. His artwork has been regarded as the epitome of surrealism. His best work was completed in 1931 and is dubbed the “Persistence of Memory”. Dali was highly inspired and imaginative and he enjoyed indulging in grandiose and unusual behavior. Salvador Dali painting gallery is a true inspiration of what was left behind by this great artist.

Salvador could behave in weird manner and seek attention grabbing from the public, which at times drew more concentration than the works he had done and dismayed those who held his artist work in high esteem. It also irritated his critics. There is extensive Salvador Dali painting collection of his masterpieces whether drawings, paintings, objects, watercolors, and other contributions he made. You can use theme in your projects to give a very unique touch or print them to use them in photo frames for your home. See more: Hyper Realistic Paintings , Surrealism Painting Gallery

Caravan – Salvador Dali



Salvador Dali Paintings

salvador dali autosodomized

Salvador Dali – Angelus


Salvador Dali Painting Collection

salvador dali painting

Salvador Dali Pastel Painting

salvador dali crazy


Salvador Dali Painting

salvador dali

Salvador Dali Art


Pokemon Meets Salvador Dali


Salvador Dali Painting


Clock – Salvador Dali Painting


Salvador Dali Abstract Painting

salvador dali abstract painting

Dali Art Salvador Dali

dali art salvador dali

Salvador Dali Painting

salvador dali paintings 77 art oil paintings artworks

Dali’s Clock Painting

clocks dali

Paintings by Salvador Dali

salvador dali paintings

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