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9+ Surreal Paintings

Surrealism is an art movement. Founded in the 1920s, its sight was to “resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality,” as it fought to be able to express creativity of the unconscious mind. Such is the artistic presentation of art in ways that does not make sense to the human eye and comprehension. Surrealists painted somewhat perturbed-looking images and unsound scenes.

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Although not common to the eyes, they portray beauty and precision, much of it you could call an “organized mess.” Artists of surrealism use the element of surprise when it comes to their artworks. Unexpected but eye-catching, these artists make you ask what they will think of next. Attractive and captivating, this type of design is commonly incorporated in many things. Which is why we have here provided some sample surreal paintings that you can use in mostly anything.

Check out surrealism’s much-adored cousin in our collection of abstract paintings. You’ll surely love the paintings we offer you.

Surreal Acrylic Painting

Surreal Feminine Painting

Surreal Watercolor Painting

Scary Surreal Painting

Surreal Painting Illustration

A Beautiful Mess

According to Hegelian dialectic, a discourse between a number of people having different points of a subject, it is believed that surrealism advises the idea of ordinary expressions are a must, but their arrangement should be in full range of imagination and open to possibilities.

Commonly associated with abstract art, both may embrace the essence of impression and expression, there is a vast difference between the two art forms. Abstract is the twisting and distorting of objects to form a design, while surrealist art is taking reality and twisting it. It conveys dreams and a feast on the unconscious.

Famous Pieces and Artists

This art form has produced some of the most thought-provoking pieces from some equally eccentric (only in method) artists, which further places among the ranks of the greatest art forms. Here are some of the famous surrealist artist and their works:

  • Max Ernst, Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale (1924)
  • Joan Miro, Carnival of Harlequin (1924–25)
  • Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory (1931)
  • Rene Magritte, The Treachery of Images (1929)
  • Jean (Hans) Arp, Head with Tree Annoying Objects (1930).

Although our provided surreal paintings are not made by these respected artists, these paintings however captivate with their artistry and theme.

Check these surreal fine art paintings of different types and themes that we are offering and you might find the one that seized your unconscious and turned it into art.

Landscape Surreal Painting

Digital Surreal Painting

Creative Surreal Painting

Surreal Body Painting

Our Collection

Here are some example of the surreal painting that we are offering. Take a gander at these:

  • Scary Surreal Painting. A themed type of surreal painting depicting different subjects that when put together creates this creepy vibe
  • Creative Surreal Painting. Have a go at this painting that presents a small house and a tree on top of stacked stones. Stacked stones is called a cairn, which means “a trail”; “a location for meditation”; or “a memorial.”
  • Surreal Acrylic Painting. this art showing a surfer on top of what seems to be the sky at sunset. It is a beautiful mix of vibrant colors.

Why use our paintings? Here are some reasons why:

  • They are free to download. Falling in love with one or two of these paintings and having a copy of your own does not require money
  • They are artistic. Aside from expressing the unconscious, they are unique and creative.
  • They are accessible. There are readily available on our website for download.
  • They are efficient. They could be downloaded as easily it is for you to browse our website.

The mind is a complex thing. Expressing a twisted and different thoughts into art is not impossible. With your own words, pen and paper, or other art materials, you can.

If you have a taste for inventive imagination art, check out the fantasy paintings our website has curated.

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