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8+ Modern Art Paintings

Are you tired of glancing at the stale and mediocre state of your bedroom walls? Has this lack of spunk in your home or office decor caused you to become less motivated and uncreative at whatever endeavor you are presently persevering at? Well, then it is about time that you spruce up your surroundings with a piece or two of inspiring art.

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If you are currently undecided as to what kind of art or design to add to your office or room, then worry not for we at Template.net are here to cater you with whatever art and design needs you have. To help jump start your renovation, here are some stunning modern art painting ideas, which might suit your taste. Just scroll down below and view the marvelous designs we have to offer.

Modern Abstract Art Painting


Modern Art Oil Painting


Modern Wall Art Painting


Modern Art Landscape Painting


Modern Art Canvas Painting


Modern Art

Modern art is the school of art which represents the evolving ideas of avant-garde artists, painters, sculptors, and writers. One of the most significant characteristic of modern art is the way it sought to apply new approaches in making art. In simpler terms, traditions about art where broken. Realism and naturalism has lost its shining value; instead, modern artists were fearless in their pursuit of finding new ways to express themselves. Different mediums are being mixed together in modern fine art paintings.

One example would be Lee Krasner’s works in which she painted various paintings, abstract and portraits; then dissatisfied by her unoriginality, she cut up her paintings and turn it into a collage art.

Needless to say, a piece of modern art would be valuable to anyone’s home, office, or even a doctor or dentists’ clinic! This is because a piece of modern art can improve your lifestyle in numerous ways as

  • it manifests a person’s creativity;
  • it proves how resilient and adventurous a person is in terms of transcending past values and ways of thinking; and
  • it shows how much you value quality since modern art shows your great sense of taste and meticulous nature.

Modern Art in the Corporate World

Businesses and corporations can benefit a lot by putting up art all over their company building. The key reasons why putting up thought-provoking art pieces is beneficial to the company’s success are the following:

  • Prospective clients and customers can perceive that your good taste in art extends to your meticulousness and perfectionism when it comes to delivering the best and quality service or product to your business clients.
  • Those who are interested in becoming business partners or in associating with your company will feel a sense of comfort upon seeing modern art on your walls because they can infer that you are an advanced and open-minded person who is not afraid of trudging new possibilities and business ventures.

Modern Art Acrylic Painting


Modern Art Watercolor Painting


Modern Art Pastel Painting


Modern Art Flower Painting


Modern Art at Home

The home is where your soul rests after a tiring day that is why it is paramount that you make your surroundings as suitable to your many moods as you can. If you are into flowers, our modern take on flower paintings will suitably fit your living room with its stylish and geometric form.

You may also find find modern art pastel painting interesting, so check out our butterfly painting with its bright-scarlet and deep-indigo colors, it will fit your quirky and creative personality. And of course, we also offer classic and elegant pieces for the ones who prefer gray and muted tones. Indeed, subtlety is one of the most sublime manifestation of culture and good taste. Lastly, if you are the artsy kind who finds meaning in the darkness of the void, then our black art paintings might resonate deeply in the depths of your anguished soul.

Why Use Our Paintings

  • Downloadable
  • Ready-to-print
  • Editable with Photoshop and any image-editing program
  • Well-saturated images of real paintings which will translate well on different paper textures such as but not limited to:
    • Tarpaulins (perfect for huge prints as wall decor)
    • Matte paper
    • Glossy paper
    • Mugs, plates, and other customizable and printable ceramic wares

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