If you are an expert then you already know the magic of realistic paintings and sketches. There are websites and online galleries dedicated to breathtaking specimens of digital paintings. One may choose to start from scratch however there are ready to modify templates available for both professionals and amateurs which yield the same end result. Most of these templates are in the .psd format which means they are easily edited using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop and can be exported as PNG or JPEG images Read More

Templates are the Smart Choice for the Experienced Digital Designer-

Now sometimes the right choice of templates will help you enjoy an entire evening of leisure. So let us start with template size. Any good template can be scaled up or scaled down to different sizes without any pixelation. Since these templates are easily modifiable they can be varied in terms of hues, transparency, text content, layout, ratio, etc. In fact elements in the templates can be grouped separately and given separate treatments. Elements can be added or deleted while preserving the original template. You can even change the complete background of the original painting.

Download, Save and Edit to Create your Own Masterpiece-

Some of these Painting Templates also encourage Photoshop actions, which are a pre-saved set of steps which you may like to apply to a template for bringing out the desired results. Most of the themed/cult painting templates come with their own dedicated tutorials. Now you can create your own collection of online paintings within a jiffy if you use the small but effective painting templates. These digital paintings can be used as wallpapers, website backgrounds, blog themes/ backgrounds etc without any complication.