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9+ Nature Paintings

Searching for stellar paintings as inspiration for your own nature-inspired painting? The search is over. Nature paintings are timeless and stunning. You can never go wrong with a nature-inspired painting. Nature is so vast and abundant, which enables you to widen your perspectives and ideas as an artist. You are not just limited to a certain scope. It thus enable you to embrace a wide array of opportunities.

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In line with that, we have here an array of nature-themed painting ideas that will truly sweep you off your feet. They will inspire you to create your own original masterpieces.

Acrylic Nature Painting


Nature Flower Painting


Realistic Nature Painting


Abstract Nature Painting


Watercolor Nature Painting


Art and Nature

Nature paintings have various faces. Mostly, they are associated with landscape art. By definition, landscape art relates to a painting or any work of art which focuses on environmental sceneries as its principal subject matter. An example would be paintings concerning hills, mountains, meadows, rivers, coastal views, and many more. Other related forms of nature paintings are the following:

  • Photorealistic paintings. In the field of photorealism, it covers a vast array of subjects. Nature can also be its subject matter. In this case, a photograph of a certain natural view is used by the painter to mimic it and express it in his or her paintings. The outcome of the painting is more closer to reality. An example would be our realistic painting designs.
  • Abstract nature paintings. It may be absurd to think why abstract themes apply to nature paintings. There is no room for absurdity because abstract paintings also take their reference and visual cue from the actual and real forms found in nature.
  • Watercolor nature paintings. They are usually very attractive and popular. The application of watercolor with various color schemes give more life to the nature painting.

These are just some of the interconnections between nature and art. Mother Nature offers the entire world as your subject. Why don’t you start with simple oil paintings?

Landscape Nature Painting


Colorful Nature Painting


Fine Art Nature Painting


Nature Oil Painting


Modern Nature Painting


Artwork with an Advocacy

As you see, there is a strong connection between art and nature. When nature is used as theme for a certain art, it conveys a very powerful message to the public. The viewers cannot ignore the magnificence and beauty of nature. Here are some reasons why nature-themed artworks, specifically paintings, support causes:

  • Art appeals to the senses specifically the visual aspect. Beyond the beauty and magnificence of art is a purpose and cause being made known. It has the ability to interact with various people regardless of language, ethnicity, nationality, gender, and etc.
  • In pushing for environmental advocacies, nature paintings can truly help. Based on research, there are a lot of artists who are pushing for sustainable development such as the movement for sustainable art.
  • Technology is not superior over nature. Nature paintings will really prove that technology is just an aspect of society. Nature should not be overshadowed by the convenience that technology brings.

Indeed, art takes roots in nature, while nature gives more meaning to art. These are some of the reasons why nature paintings are in a way an expression of an advocacy. If you’re interested with acrylic paintings, we also have designs from which you could take inspiration from. Just click on the provided link to access our collections.

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