57+ Expressionist Paintings by Famous Artists


Expressionist paintings are created by the artists/ painters who follow expressionism. Expressionism is a part of the modernist movement that originated in Germany in the early 20th century. It started with painting and poetry but has so far extended to literature, music and other forms of artistic expression. Expressionist paintings are set apart on the basis of the trait that is central to expressionism. This trait is that the respective painting is a subjective expression of the painter’s view of the world as against the traditional expression of objectivity. The painter instils in his/ her artwork the emotional and spiritual subjective vision of the world. The most influential artists whose work solidified the path for expressionist paintings include Vincent Van Gogh, James Ensor and Edvard Munch. One of Van Gogh’s most famous and earliest expressionist works includes the painting titled ‘Sunflower’.

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Yellow Fins Expressionist Painting By Mike Savlen

yellow fins
The painting is the perfect example of what expressionism was according to Van Gogh- i.e. it is the use of colour both arbitrarily and forcibly to express oneself rather than just replicating what one first sees when eye meets the object. It was with expressionist paintings that the idea of art coming from within an artist began to spread and stick. It is often seen through the various expressionist paintings that the artists used exaggeratedly executed brushstrokes, swaying and forceful swirling of the brush to depict the subject they were painting. Few other most notable expressionist paintings include-‘The Scream” by Edvard Munch, ‘The Large Blue Horses’ by Franz Marc, Egon Schiele’s portrait of Eduard Kosmack, Karl Schmidt- Rottluff’s ‘Madchen aus Kowno’ amongst many more. Find out more: Digital Surrealism Paintings,  Pointillist Paintings

Abstract Expressionist Painting By Simon Kenny

Expressionist Oil Painting By Sunil Jaiswal

expressionist oil painting4

Expressionist Painting

expressionist painting2

Strength Expressionist Painting By Karina Llergo Salto

source of strength

Acrylic Expressionist Painting By Dio

acrylic expressionist painting

Beauty Expressionist Painting By Corporate Art Task Force

music colors and beauty

Blue Green Expressionist Oil Painting

blue green expressionist oil painting

Dare Expressionist Painting By Karina Llergo Salto


Expressionist Painting from Africa By Kofi Baiden

xpressionist painting from africa

Abstract Expressionist Oil Painting By Tiffany Davis-Rustam

abstract expressionist oil painting

Dancer Expressionist Painting By Catf

flamenco dancer 029

Expressionist Flower Painting By Marisia Salomao

expressionist flower painting

Flamenco Dancer Expressionist Painting By Catf

flamenco dancer

Expressionist Painting By Mike Savlen

shades of blue

Freedom Expressionist Painting By Karina Llergo Salto


Search For The Sun Expressionist Painting By Karina Llergo Salto

search for the sun

Cherry Blossom Tree Expressionist Painting By Patricia Awapara

cherry blossom tree red yellow

Flamenco Expressionist Painting By Maryam Mughal

flamenco 38

Tunisian Landscape Expressionist Painting By Auguste Macke

tunisian landscape

Revelation Expressionist Painting By Mario Sanchez Nevado


Expressionist Painting Yellow Blue By Kerri Blackman

grasping at meanings1

Expressionist Painting

expressionist painting6

Expressionist Painting By Kristin Sharpe

expressionist painting1

Expressionist Painting By KSAVERA

blue still life with daisies expressionist painting

Expressionist Painting


Surreal Abstract Expressionist Painting By Tiffany Davis-Rustam

fine art print of surreal abstract expressionist painting

Expressionist Painting By GabiGerArt

expressionist paintting

Superb Palette Knife Modernist Expressionist Painting

superb palette knife modernist expressionist painting canadian russian

Expressionist Redfish Expressionist Painting

expressionist redfish

Abstract Oil Painting Expressionist Art

abstract oil painting expressionist art

Surreal Expressionist Painting

surreal expressionist painting print

Expressionist Landscape Oil Painting

expressionist landscape oil painting signed

Expressionist Oil Painting

expressionist oil painting

Little Blue Horse Expressionist Painting

little blue horse

Contemplative Oil Painting

contemplative oil painting

Expressionist Painting

expressionist painting9

Expressionist Painting

sheltered by the wind

Mountain Pool Expressionist Painting

mountain pool

Expressionist Painting

acrylic fine art painting

Cross Legs Expressionist Oil Painting

expressionist oil painting1

Colorful Expressionist Portrait of a Woman

colorful expressionist portrait of a woman

Thinking Cup Expressionist Oil Painting

thinking cup

Difference Colorful Expressionist Painting of Fish


Expressioistic Painting Impasto Art

expressioistic painting impasto art

Expressionist Painting

expressionist painting3

Expressionist Painting


Expressionist Painting


Expressionist Portrait Painting

expressionist portrait painting

Expressionist Painting from Indonesia

expressionist painting from indonesia

Landscape Expressionist Painting

landscape expressionist painting

Landscape Expressionist Painting

thai landscape expressionist painting

Expressionist Painting

expressionist painting5

Landscape Expressionist Painting

landscape expressionist painting1

Expressionist Painting


Expressionist Painting

portrait of jeanne hebuterne in a large hat

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