8+ Wedding Party Program Templates

There are many parties that can be done in association with a wedding. Parties that are hosted for a wedding may be done before the wedding date, within the wedding date, or after the wedding date. There are also variations of the people who are invited in a specific party depending on what it is for and to whom it is for.

Wedding parties are very essential especially with all the stresses that both the groom and bride have experienced for the wedding preparations. Them, along side their friends, families, and organizers deserve to have a time for enjoyment and a moment to just celebrate the event. We can provide you with templates for a wedding party program should you be needing one. Also, you may use our downloadable Event Program Templates.

Wedding Party Silhouette Program Template



Wedding Program Bridal Party Template



Meet The Wedding Party Program Template



Wedding Anniversary Party Program Template



Wedding Reception Party Program Template



Bridal Shower Program

A bridal shower is usually done a few days before the wedding day. It is organized by the girls that are very close to the bride. There may be one or more bridal showers which may occur before the wedding. It all depends to the people who are to organize it and the number of groups that a specific bride have who have prepared a bridal shower for her.

A bridal shower have different activities and themes which may include the following:

  • An all-girls night out at a bar or party place
  • A movie night
  • A picnic
  • A pajama party
  • An out of town or overseas vacation

Wedding Ceremony Program

The wedding ceremony program is very important as it is where the couple is to be formally and officially wedded. The wedding ceremony program includes the following:

  • The time that people are expected to be in the location for the ceremony
  • The lineup of the entourage
  • The processes that are to occur within the wedding ceremony
  • The photo op grouping
  • The things and other directions that should be done after the ceremony

To know more about this specific wedding program, you may download our Wedding Ceremony Program Templates.

Wedding Shower Party Program Template



50th Wedding Anniversary Party Program Template



Wedding Party Program Wording Template



Pre-Wedding Party Program Template


Wedding Reception Program

It is very important for a wedding to have a wedding reception as it helps the guests know what are the things to happen after the wedding ceremony. It usually includes the following information:

  • The time that is expected for a reception after the wedding to occur
  • The location of the wedding reception
  • The activities that are to happen in the wedding reception
  • The over-all program guide for the entire duration of the wedding reception

Wedding Anniversary Program

Also, a wedding program may occur not only a few days but also a few year/s after the wedding. The celebration of a wedding anniversary is a means of inviting people to take part in the milestone that a couple has achieved in their wedded life. A wedding anniversary program may include the following:

  • The date, location, and time that the wedding anniversary event is to happen
  • The date when the couple has been wedded
  • The number of years that the couple has been together
  • The things that are expected to be done during the wedding anniversary
  • The kind of celebration that is to take place for a wedding anniversary

Other than the samples of wedding programs that we can provide you with, you can also use our downloadable Wedding Timeline Templates and use it for the overall planning of your wedding and the time duration that is needed to be followed during the preparation processes.

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