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How to Write an Agency Analysis

With the help of an analysis document, an agency can better evaluate how to keep its business alive. An article from Ashford University (a US-based institution) explains that an effective analysis is done by looking at a subject from every possible angle before making conclusions.

From a marketing company to a travel agency, analysis papers are integral for any service-based business. If you’re not familiar with drafting one, then consider reading our tips below.

1. Summarize Your Analysis into Notes

Before drafting the document itself, you need all the critical points from your analysis. While doing all your research, observations, etc., gather all the necessary information into some concise notes. Write down details about things like the agency’s service, clients, finances, and so on.

2. Give Your Analysis Document a Professional Layout

Since your agency analysis is a formal business document, it’s necessary to give it an appropriate page format for presentation’s sake. With a new document ready in your application (i.e., Google Docs, Microsoft Word), apply 1-inch margins along your page’s borders to keep your writing tidy and uniform.

3. Create a Cover Page for Your Agency Analysis

An analysis paper usually consists of several pages, and one of them is the cover. When making your cover page, write down the title, agency name, release date, and composer name. For the title, enter something fairly descriptive—like “Social Work Agency Analysis” or “Agency Budget Analysis.” Additionally, you can give your cover some professional flair by adding a simple vector graphic as its background image.

4. Draft a Solid Conclusion for Your Analysis

You need a thorough and concise conclusion when closing your analysis document, pointing out the key takeaways from the evaluation. Along with that, explain the way you interpret the data and information, along with how all of it is necessary in creating your agency analysis.

And that does it for all our tips! Did you read through everything? Finally, feel free to download our Agency Analysis Templates for easy and convenient document creation!

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