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How to Make Agency Brochures

If your service-based company needs affordable yet effective advertising, then brochures are a great option. An article from Chron (a business-focused publication) explains that brochures are among the most versatile promotional materials used by a variety of businesses.

Whether you have a travel agency or a branding agency, brochures are a good investment for your business’s exposure. Plus, we have a few tips (below) on how to start designing your own material right away!

1. Decide on Your Agency Brochure’s Fold Type

The most unique element of a brochure is its foldable form factor, which comes in a diverse selection. Some of the most widely used fold types include the gatefold, half-fold, trifold, and Z-fold. So before designing the brochure itself, decide which fold type best fits your needs.

2. Measure Your Agency Brochure’s Size

Once you’ve settled on your brochure’s fold type, the next step is setting up the size in your chosen software. There are several standard dimensions you can incorporate, including but not limited to 8.5”x11”, 5.5”x8.5”, and 11”x17”. Along with the fold type, the size is also determined by your specific needs. Additionally, your budget is another aspect to consider.

Include a small bleed area when preparing the brochure’s space in the application. This is essential for preventing potential printing errors.

3. Apply Suitable Visuals to Your Agency Brochure

To catch someone’s attention with your brochure, it needs some eye-catching pictures and graphic designs. And not only should the visual assets be expertly rendered, but also indicative of your agency’s services.

For instance, a tourism agency brochure benefits from depictions of affiliated airlines and vacation locales. Another example involves an advertising agency brochure using images of partnered companies and branding designers.

4. Draft Your Agency Brochure’s Written Content

In your agency brochure, make your promotions more memorable by writing down some concise and appealing dialogue. Take advantage of witty headers and taglines, like “Your Guide to a Better Career” or “Enjoy Your Tours at a Leisurely Price.”

And so, after reading our tips, you’ve gained a better grasp on marketing your services through brochures. Don’t forget that we also offer Agency Brochure Templates for streamlining your content creation!

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