Agency Quotation Templates

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If you run an agency, then using quotations is a must for your business. Fortunately, we have a collection of Agency Quotation Templates to expedite your document creation. Put together quotations for a manufacturing company, advertising agency, and more. Plus, you can choose from various compatible applications to edit our samples, like Mac Pages and Google Sheets. So, download now—create printable documents to represent your services!

How to Make an Agency Quotation

From interior design to freelance photography, incorporating quotations in your service-oriented business is necessary for success. Not only are quotations useful for documentation purposes, but they also serve in negotiations between relevant parties (as explained by Investopedia, a business and finance resource).

To create a presentable and fully functional quotation, there are several key things to keep in mind. If you’re interested in knowing what those are, go ahead and read our tips just below.

1. Incorporate a Proper Layout for Your Agency Quotation

A tidy and professional format is essential for a quotation, as it’s a commercial document that represents your agency. Open a fresh document in your software application (i.e., MS Word, Google Docs), then apply margins as you write, keeping your content bordered and uniform. For a universally accepted measurement, set your margins to 1 inch.

2. Start Writing Your Agency Quotation’s Content

Begin writing your content by entering a title at the top of your document, written in large bold font. Go with something fairly descriptive, like “Security Service Quotation” or “Advertising Agency Quotation.” Additionally, add your agency’s logo in one of the upper corners.

3. Include Basic Information about the Agency Quotation

There are several details that you need in your quotation document. These details are the quotation’s ID number, date, and validity timeframe. Next, write down your agency’s name, address, contact information, email address, and website. Enter the same details about your client.

4. Build Your Agency Quotation’s Main Content

The main part of your agency quotation is the details about the deal itself—such as the rendered hours, item quantity, total price, and so on. To list and organize this information neatly, incorporate grid tables in your quotation’s design. Along with optimal readability, a table also lets you add colors to its cells for better categorization.

And with that, you’re done with our tips! You’re now better equipped to create professional quotations for your agency. Lastly, remember to use our Agency Quotation Templates if you need easy-to-use samples for designing your documents!


  • What is a quotation ID number?

      A quotation ID number is a special unique number for reference use.

  • What kinds of agencies use quotation documents?

      Some examples of this are:

      1. Advertising agencies
      2. Photography studios
      3. Contractors
      4. Interior designers
  • How many agency templates are downloadable from

      At, you can download over 190 customizable agency templates.

  • How many quotation designs can I get from

      You can get over 200 original quotation templates from

  • Which applications can I use to edit the agency quotation designs from

      You can use the following to edit:

      1. Apple Pages
      2. Google Docs
      3. Google Sheets
      4. Microsoft Excel
      5. Microsoft Word