Agency Invoices Templates

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How to Make an Agency Invoice

Invoices are essential when handling your agency’s transactions. In an article from Investopedia (a business and finance resource), it’s said that not only are invoices for processing payments, but they’re also integral for bookkeeping needs.

It’s safe to say that invoices are mandatory for service-based businesses, be it a tourism company, a software client developer, or a modeling agency. Below are some tips on how you can design an invoice in a snap!

1. Keep Your Agency Invoice Looking Tidy

Since an invoice is a commercial document sent to a client, it needs to look presentable. If you’re using a word processor (e.g., Google Docs, Apple Pages), apply margins to keep the contents neat and uniform as you work.

2. Include Some Basic Information in Your Agency Invoice

First, create the title. Make it simple yet descriptive for an invoice—like “Freelancer Service Commission Fee” or “Social Media marketing Bill.”

Your invoice also needs its ID number, order number, and date. Additionally, include the name, address, and contact information of both your agency and the client.

3. Use a Grid Table in Your Agency Invoice

To keep the payment details organized and readable in your invoice, use a grid table when writing them down. In your table’s top row, add the different labels for each category of information (descriptions, item quantity, subtotals, etc.). You can also color-code the cells to distinguish each section in the table.

4. Spruce up Your Agency Invoice’s Appearance

Add an extra layer of professional class and flair to your invoice by including the agency’s logo in the design. Place it in one of the layout’s upper corners.

Additionally, include some simple graphics along the sides and corners of your invoice design. And add colored highlights on critical elements to make them stand out—such as the subheaders and total payment amount.

That does it for our tips! You’re now better equipped to create an invoice for advertising companies, contractor firms, and more. And feel free to use our Agency Invoice Templates for convenient content creation!


  • What are some tips for using invoices?

      Here’s a list of advice you can use:

      1. Consider how often you’ll issue invoices
      2. Add a due date for the payment
      3. Make your invoices look professional
  • What is an invoice number?

      An invoice number is a unique ID number for tracking and logging an invoice.

  • How do I generate ID numbers for invoices?

      When numbering your invoices, consider the following:

      1. Use the ID numbers chronologically
      2. Make each of them unique
      3. Make them sequential
  • When do I issue an invoice?

      Once a service is fulfilled, issue an invoice to the client within 48 hours.

  • Are invoices the same as receipts?

      No, an invoice is used for requesting payment from a client, while a receipt is used as proof for fulfilling a payment.