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What Is an Agency Flyer?

An agency flyer is a Designer document that helps advertise a specific agency to the public. This is a unique and modern way of promoting your business with style.

How to Create an Agency Flyer?

agency flyer template

Flyer distribution is one of the oldest methods in marketing, but even until now it has been found to be effective. According to research, not only do flyers reach the correct target audience, but they also receive immediate replies from the people. If you are interested in making your very own business flyer, we have provided you with easy steps to start one.

1. Gather Information About Your Agency

There are many types of agencies operating around the globe. This composes of advertising agencies, employment agencies, travel agencies, as well as government agencies. Identify what service your agency is offering to the public and gather information about it. Then, find a way to describe the important details in your flyer. If you are a travel agent, you would want to sell tourism-related services to your customers and not something else. The same goes for advertising agents, real estate agents, etc.

2. Choose a Design

To market your agency, you need to have an attractive design for your simple flyers to catch your reader's attention and interest. Use your graphic designing skills to make creative designs! Give life to your flyers and use techniques in color combination with the help of the color wheel. But, if designing is not your thing, you can always go to pro and choose a good design that suits your preferences.

3. Organize Your Content

Next is to organize your content. Craft your message well, keep it simple, short, and straight to the point. Make sure you answer the what, who, why, where, when, and how questions of your readers. Insert images in your flyer as visual aids for your readers, but do not overcrowd it. If you want, you may also indicate holiday packages, discounts, and promos in your sample flyer to encourage your readers to apply for your services.

4. Use Visual Hierarchy

Give your flyer a good presentation and use visual hierarchy by playing with your color, size, alignment, and characters. Influence your readers' sight and guide them to your information in a specific order. Allow them to see the most important information first, and the least important ones last. If you are an event advertising company, emphasize on the events you want to advertise and use images or words that can catch their attention in a good way.

5. Be Unique

There are a lot of ready-made templates on creative flyer designs, and technically, all you need to do is input your contents. Why don't you try customizing it and be unique with your designs and layout? You can rearrange your layout, change its colors and font styles, and even update the background. Just make sure it matches your theme.

6. Distribute Your Flyers

Lastly, print your flyers and distribute them to the public. Choose whether you want to distribute it through websites and social media, or distribute it manually in the streets. Either way, both techniques are effective in marketing your agency to the public.

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