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What Is an Agency Flowchart?

An agency flowchart is a visual representation of an agency’s workflow or process. It is also a diagrammatic approach in solving and completing tasks in the agency. Moreover, a flowchart is usually consisted of various shapes, such as rectangles, ovals, diamonds, and more.

How to Make an Agency Flowchart

Flowcharts are better alternative in agency flow startup. It would serve as an outline of tasks that must be done. But, your flowchart can be confusing and misleading especially if you would not do it right. So, if you want to make a flowchart for a government construction project, here are some tips in making one.

1. Be Consistent with Design

As a flowchart is a visual representation, you need to be consistent with your design. Shapes, lines, and texts of your flowchart must be uniform. To do this, use shapes as your determiner that you have sorted the works that must be fulfilled. Remember that this is an important tip as consistency eliminates unnecessary distraction that makes your chart more effective.

2. Keep it in a Single Page

A long work flowchart would throw everything off into it. With that, keep your chart into a single page. If it turns out that your sample chart is too big, scale it down. If it is not feasible to have a single page for your flowchart, then you need to divide it into multiple flowcharts. Avoid cluttering it into a single department chart.

3. Left to Right Format

This tip needs personal decision making, but consider crafting your agency flowchart from left to right format. It is the most preferable format for any type of flowchart, like organizational chart as it makes the information easy to read and understand. If you are not convinced, you can make a temporary work procedure flowchart with a left to right format.

4. Place Return Lines

Since it is our nature to read a document from the top down to the bottom, it would be logical if you place return lines under your flowchart. Usually, a flowchart has two underlines, so you need to make sure that the two would not overlap each other.

5. Control the Color

Although the first tip tells about the design element, this tip is separated as it is one of the most essential tips that you need to ace. Do not use grand colors, rather, stick to the basic color palette. Choose one main color as the shade of your basic chart's main topic and choose other color for supporting ideas.

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