In advertising or marketing, reporting for clients and teams is an essential aspect of operations. Through the reports, you can provide data visualization of your activities, i.e., social media analytics, client performance, and so much more. If you want to make it easier for you to create the report, we have a wide selection of ready-made Agency Report Templates that you can download and use. All you need to do is customize the template to outline your numbers and data, be it in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs. Streamline your report writing process with our templates today!

How to Write an Agency Report

On average, readers read about 250 words per minute or roughly one double-spaced page a minute; this means in ten minutes, readers read about 2,500 words. With that said, your entire report should be readable within ten minutes. But that's enough time if you made sure your agency report is straightforward and concise. What to learn how? Read below to learn some tips and tricks in writing an effective agency report.

1. Consolidate Data

Whether your writing a status report or a budget report, you need to have your data ready before you even start writing. Make sure that your information is accurate to avoid reporting misinformation, which may cause you some trouble. Gather the data from the team and your handy-dandy spreadsheet and make it easy for your audience to understand.

2. Language and Words, Please!

The language and tone you use in your report should be tailored to your audience. If you're reporting to your client, make sure to use formal language, but avoid using jargon as they may not understand it. On the other hand, if you're reporting to your team, you can use the tone, language, and words you usually use.

3. More Visual Aids

When you present numbers, metrics, statistics, and trends, your audience may find it difficult to visualize what you're saying. Studies revealed that 65% of the population are visual learners. Thus, including visual aids, like charts or graphs, to supplement your report's data is essential.

4. Mind Your Format

Regardless if you have your data right or perfect your visual aids, your report will not be as effective if it has a bad format. Like writing a story, your report should have a clear flow of information. Your main goal should be cohesion and presentation of data.

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