How to Make a Simple ID Card in Microsoft Word?

The main purpose of any ID card is to act as a tool that proves an individual's identity. Creating your own simple ID card can be easy as 1, 2, 3 if you follow the proper steps on how to do it. In making a creative and vector-based simple ID card that you can distribute to your employee, students or members of your organization, you would need an effective editing app that you can use anytime and Microsoft Word is the best option for you to choose. To help you with that, here are a few steps that you can effectively follow in creating your own simple ID card.

1. Plan your ID Card

Think about as to what would be the main purpose of the ID card, the quantity needed, and what design you would want to use. Planning before beginning to make your ID card would be the most convenient way as it would allow you to make the process easier and you can ensure that you get the right kind of ID card you wanted to make.

2. Visit an Editing Site

There are numbers of ID creation service available but Microsoft Word would be your best option to design your simple ID card. Choosing Microsoft Word would give you a reliable, cost-efficient and gives you a wide variety of options that you might need.

3. Choose Layout Options

Pick your best option for your front and back layout of your ID card. Example of options that you can choose is orientation, text to appear, font, background color or image, holographic, lamination, paper stock to use for printing, etc.

4. Pick your Best Picture to Include

To have your ID card an identity, it must have a clear and high-quality photo accompanied to it. For most cases, MS Word would just allow you to simply click on the area that you wanted your photo to be placed and insert the photo file you want. They also offer options that you can edit your image like resizing or cropping it. Quick tip — make sure that your photo is authentic and must be the owner of the designed simple ID card to avoid lawsuit afterward.

5. Decide whether Magnetic Stripe or Bar Code

Including a magnetic stripe or bar code is common for most modern ID cards as it's a great way to store personal information of the owner. You can enter the appropriate information of a certain ID card and assign a magnetic stripe or bar code for identity. Magnetic stripe or bar code would be really useful if you use an ID scanner to record the time in and time out of an employee or student. It would be helpful for timekeeping.

6. Print your ID Card

After those simple steps, you can now proceed to the last but not the least step — printing. Use appropriate paper stock for an ID card — not too flimsy but not that sturdy. Afterward, print it base on the quantity you needed and start distributing it.

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