Worried how you can create a simple yet aesthetically pleasing promotional material for your brand? Well, we've got what you're looking for! You can easily create brochures with the help of our ready-made simple templates available in all versions of Microsoft Word. With the scalable vectors that are easily editable and 100% customizable, you are guaranteed to create a brochure that will embody your brand perfectly and hassle-free. Printing commercially or print on the comforts of your own home will be a breeze with the printable layout and feature of our templates. All these free brochure templates are also professionally made with preformatted content and images already. Don't settle for mediocre brochures! Download our ready-made simple templates in Word for free now!

How to Make a Simple Brochure in Microsoft Word

Like any other brochures, a simple brochure is an effective promotional marketing tool that usually comes in bifold or trifold brochure style. The design of this type of brochure, however, deals mainly with minimalist and simple graphical layout. Although it is considered simple, it’s still elegant and beautiful to look at, and could certainly convey information effectively to potential customers.

You’re here because you probably plan to create your own brochure from scratch. Well, we have done the hard works for you already. As you utilize our ready-made simple brochure templates in word, you can now produce simple brochures you need for your business. Consider the easy steps provided below to get you started.

1. Determine What Kind of Brochure You Need

In determining what kind of brochure templates to use, you just have to know the purpose of the brochures. There is a simple construction brochure template, a travel brochure, and a spa trifold brochure. These are just someone of the simple brochure templates you’ll see and utilize in a wide array of brochure templates listed just for you. But before downloading one or two, determine first the purpose.

2. Choose and Download the Brochure Templates

In every category of simple brochure templates, there is also a list where you can actually choose the right creative brochure design that best fits with the branding of your company. Choose the one that you know would better represent your products, services, or benefits. If you have chosen the templates already, start downloading and saving them to your computer.

3. Personalize the Brochure Templates

Personalize the templates you have downloaded by simply customizing them. Each template comes with pre-made content and artwork. Use them to your advantage or change them with appropriate details and images. Either way, it’s for you to edit and customize. You can be creative as you remain simple with the style.

4. Check the Errors

Have your work be checked by yourself or by a professional. Sometimes, we made mistakes with the details we put and the images we incorporate. Check if there are errors in the brochures you have customized. If there’s none, then you’re good to print them or share them online. If you have notice mistakes, make some necessary changes. You always have your own time to make things right.

5. Save, Print, or Share Your Work

There are three things you can do when you’re done with editing. First, you can save the draft to your computer so you can use it for future purposes. Second, you can have it printed so you will be able to distribute them. And lastly, you may want to utilize your social media accounts by sharing the brochures online to your friends and loved ones. It’s for you to decide whichever way you think may deem fit and necessary to your business and convenience.

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