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How To Make A Simple Flyer In Microsoft Word?

Simple flyers are a minimal type of promotional instrument that involves a leaflet containing essential and factual information about a particular business or industry. There are classifications of a simple flyer that you can make, but one thing is common—they stick to being fair and minimalist. As a small or large scale business owner, a simple flyer is a go-to, mainly because of its convenience. As simple as it sounds, the steps you need to execute is simple also. Do you want to know how? Here are a bunch of essential tips you can incorporate in making your simple flyer.

1. Set Your Goal Straight

Before opening your Microsoft Word, develop your goal and make it as your core component for your simple flyer. Contemplate as to what do you want to showcase, the distribution location, and the budget. Only after these can you start drafting your simple flyer. In this way, you can visualize and prioritize your goal so it can be more productive. Also, do not think big. You would assume that you can fit everything in your simple flyer but rather only the salient parts are essential. Dump other unnecessary information to make your content concise.

2. Open Your Microsoft Word Application

For your draft, you can use Microsoft Word as your software editing application. You can make various simple flyers such as yard sale, party, event, restaurant, and discount with its user-friendly feature. It also caters easy text formatting, saving and printing in any MS Word version and many more.

3. Insert Contrasting Visuals

Contrasting visuals are an essential eye-grabbing element for your simple flyer. Yes, it is termed as simple, yet simplicity can mean so much, especially for visuals. You can indicate visually pleasing images, clipart, shapes, and such. But take note, control yourself as it would turn out to be trashy and worthless if you bombard it with it.

4. Call-To-Action Is A Must

It is one of the salient parts of a flyer—call-to-action. You want people to make an immediate action if they receive your simple flyer so you must include it. For your call to action, you can add your social media website (if applicable), a calling number, or your location. Make it as simpler as possible for your customers.

5. Make Your Design Simple

Your simple flyer is scanned from each nook and cranny, and so your design must be present in any section. Start with the headline, you can insert simple borders or images that would strongly represent your flyer. For the text design, you must follow a hierarchy of font principles. The size and scale of the text must depend on the size of your flyer. Also, incorporate relatable imagery to it.

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