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How to Create a Simple Calendar in MS Word

Calendars allow us to manage our dates, meet deadlines, and achieve more productive days. It is a vitally important part of our planning since it helps us streamline our daily lives and see the bigger picture. Nevertheless, each one of us has specific purposes of planning and plotting a calendar. So better create your own unique calendar today! Once your choice of ready-made simple calendar template above is now in your devices, follow these quick and sharp points in creating a simple, effective calendar in MS Word.

1. Determine the Format

Your calendar format will be your foundation first in making it distinctly your own. Have a moment to think and decide on what type of calendar layout you ideally prefer. Do you want to go with a 12-paged calendar format? Or a single page calendar, maybe? Will it be for a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly calendar use? There are a lot of format possibilities for a calendar. If it takes you a hard time deciding, you can browse through the internet and check which format that you find most comfortable and best fit your ideals.

2. Layout the Structure

When you already have the focused goal of the format of your desired sample calendar, run your Microsoft Word editing program and get ready to set columns, boxes, and rows. Make sure that these are appropriately coordinated to the calendar dates in the year it will be used. Always check the internet for your reference. From there, designate numbers, or dates, in each textbox accordingly. Mark the months and days' names. Make sure that these texts are easily readable. It would be best if you also incorporate industry-relevant dates such as regular and special holidays, government-related dates such as deadlines of taxes, and others. You may also allow enough blank space in your calendar layout for your notes-taking.

3. Plot Your Errands

Once you have already finished drafting your simple calendar layout, you can now tailor your personal errands! Plot it down according to your preferences. You can make use of colors to highlight these dates. Just make sure that it does not lose its easy readability.

For more efficient and comprehensive planning, you should also start having your own planner (all are easily customizable as well). By having one, your overall planning becomes more comfortable and feasible. It gives you a more in-depth view of the preparation and arrangement details.

4. Personalize!

Freely make your drafted simple calendar your own! Design it with your favorite visual elements, like cute stickers or other graphical elements! Bring out your unique personality in it by creatively polishing your simple calendar. If it is for your business or company use, align its visual design with your particular branding. You may include a logo also at the top (or anywhere you prefer) of your simple calendar if you run a business, for advertising purposes. Nevertheless, always ensure that these graphical elements are in high resolution for a premium appeal and does not clash with all the elements of your simple calendar.

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