How To Create A Simple Postcard In Microsoft Word

The late 1840s is the history of postcards, where they are a very effective means of communicating with your family and friends. It is used in showing a place where you are currently at with a few phrases of greetings and messages for your loved ones. In modern times, postcards are now used for business advertising. Surprisingly, business postcards became as effective as flyers and brochures in terms of promoting. As you can see, postcards have been more useful in this age because of its beautiful layout. If by happens, you are about to make a simple postcard but is confused about its usage, then confuse no more because we are here to help you! May it be a personalized or promotional postcard, our templates, and tips are a great help for you.

1. Decide The Theme

Whatever type of postcard you will be making, it is necessary to decide a postcard theme. Postcards need to fit on the current holiday, season, or to the main point of its creation. The postcard can be a Christmas postcard, retro postcard, vintage postcard, simple postcard, and many more. Just remember that the theme of your postcard should fit on its purpose.

2. Come Up With An Eye-Catching Phrase

Not only business postcard needs an eye-catching phrase, but, a personal postcard too. The only difference is that the words used in promotional postcards contain advertising words. As for personal postcards, it can have a phrase similar to those in a thank you card or greeting card. The eye-catching phrase is significant for business postcards since the goal of the postcard is to attract customers. The personal postcard doesn't require you to compose a smart headline since no matter what, your family or friend will surely read whatever you have written on the postcard.

3. Insert A High-Quality Background

The majority of a postcard's outlook is the image. The main goal of a postcard is to highlight a specific place; that is why a high-resolution photo is a must. The picture that serves as the background of the postcard is usually the place where the sender is having a vacation. A standard postcard is made of an image of a tourist spot—may it for advertising the place or showing a loved one about a dream place. A business postcard is just the same as a simple postcard; it needs to have a high-quality image as a background.

4. Incorporate Branding Design

This part is helpful for making a business postcard. Unlike personal postcards, this type of postcard needs to have designs that will promote your company or your product. Do not forget to place the logo of your company, the name, and the contact information. These details are necessary when it comes to advertising. You can set the details in the back part of the postcard since postcards can be double-sided.

5. Use A Postcard Template And Customize Using A Software

Your life will be hassle-free if you choose to customize a template instead of starting from scratch. No sweat at all because you will scroll through our tons of simple postcard templates then customize it according to your preferences. To make your life more comfortable, we suggest using Microsoft Word as the editing software when you customize the template. Aside from the reason that our template is accessible in Microsoft Word, the software has easy to memorize buttons and is user-friendly.

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