How to Make a Simple Voucher in MS Word?

A simple voucher is a type of bond of redeemable transaction which is worth of certain cash and will be used as a mode of payment to be spent on specific goods and services. In making a simple voucher, you can refer to any sample for format or you can make one yourself with the use of specific applications like MS Word. Are you asking how? Well, here are steps and guidelines that you can follow to make a simple voucher in MS Word.

1. Choose Products Available for Discount

You can offer a discount to any goods or services base on the percentage of the pricing. Afterward, choose a specific course and bundles that you can apply a discount coupon and include the time frame of the validity of the discount. Remember that usually, a simple voucher will always take up to months.

2. Purpose of the Voucher

Decide as to what goal do you want to achieve in making the simple voucher. For instance, if you are a beautician or hairdressers at a beauty salon offering beauty treatment and you need more customers to avail your service, a discount or free voucher would encourage them to stop by at your place. If you are giving vouchers as a gift instead of a gift card, you can save your petty cash by just providing the service for free. Also, consider what would the voucher actually cost you.

3. Decide the Quantity

Decide as to how many vouchers you need. If you are giving gift vouchers for a personal gift or for promotional purposes of your business, consider designing your vouchers unto MS Word and print them at home or at work. But if vouchers will be used for as a direct-mail marketing package, it may be worth it to hire someone to do it for you.

4. Sketch the Design

A simple voucher for the business purpose should be eligible and without fancy artwork or multicolor design. Include your company's logo, name, address, contact number, e-mail or website and the specific purpose for the voucher. For instance, make sure to clearly state that you are offering a 10% discount for every 100$ purchase of this certain product. Also, add an expiration date if necessary. Include tracking numbers to your vouchers so you would be updated as to how much vouchers are redeemed. This would help you to inventory your sales and would prevent customers from using vouchers multiple times.

5. Consider Making Online Vouchers

Consider making an online simple voucher for your customers purchasing online. You can make it redeemable to your website and would be sent through the customer's email. To obtain that, you can email promotional codes to be redeemed in a specific link that you will provide.

6. Print it Out

After following the given steps, you can now save your work and print it. If it would be handed out through streets, rack cards or mailboxes, use paper stocks that would be suitable for your voucher. If online, send it through email.

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