What Is a Certificate?

A certificate is a printed document that is given by organizations, institutions, or companies to acknowledge certain achievements. Although there are many reasons why certificates are important, it's usually meant to make an individual feel appreciated. Also, know that this type of document is especially helpful for those who are required to provide proof of what they have managed to accomplish.

How to Make a Simple Certificate in Microsoft Word

If you want to quicken the creation process, then you must use a reliable word processing software that you can easily familiarize yourself with. Although there are many different options for you to choose from, know that the most common one to rely on is Microsoft Word. It's reliable, easily accessible, and user-friendly to the point where you should have problems when it comes to figuring out how it should be used. Know that aside from having a good Word processing program, you'll also need to consider a few other things such as a certificate's basic elements and the quality of the material used to print it. Here's an enumerated list of steps that will help guide you on what needs to be done.

1. Decide What the Certificate Will Be All About

Since there's a wide variety of certificates that can be made, you must figure out the one that you have to create. You'll have to think about the purpose that it's meant to serve. For example, if you are going to award an employee for his excellent work performance, then you may want to present an appreciation certificate that will acknowledge his/her hard work. Know that you can always browse for samples on the internet if you need a proper reference.

2. Make a Temporary Draft

Now that your certificate has a purpose, you can finally start making the draft. Coming up with an outline will help you visualize what the document is supposed to look like and what information it's going to have. You can always start from scratch if you aren't pleased with what you've made. Keep going until you've finally come up with a certificate that you can be satisfied with.

3. Choose a Reliable Template

If you want to speed up the creation process even further, then you can always download and use a certificate template. Whether it's a participation certificate or even a gift certificate, there will always be a template that will allow you to make it. Remember that we have ones available right here on our very own site and that they can easily be downloaded and edited for your convenience.

4. Start Filling In the Certificate Template

Whether you've chosen to start from scratch or use a template, you'll still have to fill it up with the information it needs. Typically, a template already comes with pre-made which you can customize in whatever way that pleases you. You'll want to edit it until it has content that you want it to display. Simply open Microsoft Word and then use it to access and work on whatever template you've decided to use. If you're starting from scratch, then use the draft you've made to give you an idea as to how you should make the certificate. When typing in the information it needs to display, don't forget to include important elements such as the header, title, name of the receiver, etc.

5. Print the Certificate; Frame the Certificate

Once you're done with whatever award certificate you needed to make, you still have to proofread it as there may be a few mistakes that you need to fix. The last thing that you want is to provide the awardee with one that's poorly made. To avoid that, see to it that all the information the certificate displays is accurate and that you didn't forget to include anything important. Also, check for any grammar or spelling errors as those are common mistakes that people tend to make.

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