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    What is a Resume

    A resume is an informational document that shows the data of the applicant. Necessary information such as name, birthday, gender, contact details, relevant experiences, and educational attainments are part of the data to show. As much as possible, it showcases the applicant's abilities that are useful for the job he or she is applying. A resume is always paired with a well-constructed application letter

    How to Make Simple Resume in Word

    Always make it a target to impress people with your resume. Focus and pay close attention to making it because it is the first document that your employer gets to know you. Take time to think whether you want it to be a one-page resume, creative, or a simple one. "Simplicity is beauty." Although all resumes are. However, here are the steps to make your winning resume.

    1. Get Your Vital Details

    The resume is about you, and you need to get your details straight. Gather all relevant documents to clarify your personal information such as your birth certificates, residence cards, school report cards, and recent medical records. Even though you may already are familiar with them, having all of these documents confirms the validity of the information that you are going to write. Nothing like to keep it sure and accurate. Who knows? The company you are sending your resume to have excellent resources for fact-checking. At least, start credibility first in your resume.

    2. Organize for Presentability

    Once you have gathered all the information, the next task is to organize them. Organizing is a matter of arranging and sequencing data. Create first a comprehensive outline to serve as your guide.  The proper organization makes the resume readable and navigable. Your potential employer should not have a hard time going over the details of your resume. If it is well organized, then it is presentable. 

    3. Highlight Valuable Skills

    “Why should we hire you?” This is one of the typical questions that employers would still bother to ask. Since you are presenting your resume, it is crucial to highlight what makes you unique and useful. A detailed and comprehensive list of your capabilities should cement your character and potential value. Market yourself! You only have 6 seconds to do so with your resume!

    4. Keep the Design Simple

    It is a simple resume, then keep it that way. Do not overdo it by having many designs. Too much fancy designs will defeat the purpose of sending a resume. The goal is to inform people about yourself and not about the images, colors, font styles. Even creative resumes follow this principle. 

    5. Add the Perfect Photo

    A resume would be incomplete without the perfect photo of the candidate. Of course, there are standards to follow on what picture to use. But show your jolly good looking smile! Just look at some feature magazine cover photos of models smiling. You will be captivated by looking at them. The same should be for people who will read your resume. A strong, positive, yet amiable attitude in the photo should match the details written.

    6. Know your Word App

    It is crucial to know the tool that you are using, especially when you choose to customize. Know where the buttons and settings are. Be familiar by frequently navigating Microsoft Word. And if all seems unfamiliar and complicated, you could always search for helpful flow charts online. The detailed and concise diagrams will surely help you with your task.