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How to Make a Corporate Resume?

Corporate resumes are in essence company profiles. It is the equivalent of a professional resume but features the best side of a company instead of an individual. A simple resume and modern resume ideas can be applied but should be tailored more to effectively advertise your company. Corporate resumes are made to effectively sell the company image and what it stands for.

The following are simple steps in creating a corporate resume that should shed the best possible light to your company and how your target perceives it:

  • The company name and the name of the head of operations for your company should be placed at the top of your resume. It is also good to place the company logo at the top to provide an additional flare to the document. When making your next corporate resume, use only ready-made, premium design, and fully customizable corporate resume templates from Template.net.

  • Use headings for individual sections of the resume such as product and services, or our team, and others. Present a picture-perfect layout of career skills, CV and experience of your staff with instantly downloadable, one-page resume format templates at the site.

  • Be clear and concise in the description of your products or services being offered and to whom they are targeted. Get the job done right using free corporate resume templates at Template.net.

  • Provide client samples, or better yet, client testimonials that state proven and considerable savings or effectiveness after using your product or availing services. Be careful though not to break contractor client privilege information contained in your confidentiality agreement. Be seen as the go-to supplier for major companies using corporate resume templates downloaded at the site.

  • Enumerate your key personnel along with their competencies and certifications. This would greatly boost your image and would help put a face to your company. This helps keep the company image that’s not just some business entity but a company comprised of real people. Highlight the appeal to the human side of your company using templates made available for you at the site.

  • Reiterate your company’s vision or goals to leave a lasting impression on the reader. Create and share your company goals through resume templates downloaded at Template.net.

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